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The Zoo Health Club: Enabling People to Achieve their Fitness Goals

Everyone has a favorite Zoo. For some, it is the famous Bronx Zoo in New York or the San Diego Zoo in California; for others, it is a small, nearby municipal Zoo. Regardless, a Zoo is a special place to which people love to return repeatedly. Such is the appeal of the Zoo Health Club; members love to return to its clean facilities, helpful staff, immaculate equipment and friendly environment.
Great Fitness Franchise Opportunity 
The Zoo Gym had its beginnings on Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL in the 1970s as a small independent gym. In 2009, the Zoo Franchise Corp purchased the small independent Zoo Gym and Charles Cavuoto, EVP of Operations created “The Zoo Health Club Brand”. Charles helped turn it into a National Franchise. The Zoo Health Club is a trendy platform and offers a great fitness franchise opportunity. Judy Scott, Franchise Sales Director brings 40 years of valuable experience to the Zoo Health Club in both franchise sales and corporate support. Judy has successfully operated large chains of Health Clubs and owned her own Fitness franchise.
Quality Fitness Center 
The purpose of The Zoo Health Club is to provide a quality center for pleasurable, meaningful fitness activities for professional adults. It focuses on a clean, upscale environment, customer safety, and facility availability. Its proven commitment to quality fitness is displayed through customer satisfaction, employee enrichment, and investor returns.
Parameters to Accept Franchisee
While awarding a franchisee, Zoo Health Club considers essential for franchisee to have a sound financial platform and it should be willing to follow “Franchise System”. Zoo looks in franchisee for enthusiasm and excitement for the product of fitness, wanting to help people get in better shape and health.
Flourishing Zoo Brand 
Zoo Health Club’s franchisees are excited about the Zoo brand. Twenty five percent of its existing franchisees are ready to open their second and third locations. There is no better time to get into the fitness industry and no better time to purchase your first Zoo Health Club Franchise.
Headed towards a Bright Future 
As the fitness trend continues with no end in sight, with more people joining and keeping memberships than ever before. With over 41.3 million members and the fitness, nutrition and weight loss industry exceeding $44 billion, The Zoo Health Club franchise is poised to keep expanding and continue its long-term growth.
Blitz45: Blend of Group Training and Personal Training
With the rise in popularity of the functional training fitness methodology, Zoo Health Club’s Blitz45 Fitness offers the perfect combination of group training and personal training combined into one.
Blitz45 is the brainchild of Charles Cavuoto, EVP of Operations. The career of Charles spans 50 years in the Health and Fitness Industry creating, developing, operating and owning fitness centers in the United States and Canada. Judy brings to Blitz45 her 40 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. Judy has operated large chains of Health Clubs and owned her own Fitness franchise. She is the Franchise Sales Director of Blitz45. Her contribution to the Blitz45 franchise is two-fold. Judy helped shape the Blitz45 franchise; she has the ability to build relationships with people interested in becoming a Blitz45 franchisee, and maintaining those relationships throughout the term of their franchise.
Exciting Functional Training 
Blitz45 has taken two of the top industry trends: Group Training and Personal Training, and blended them into one, creating a unique and exciting Functional Training Studio. As the fitness industry evolves, the boutique style group functional training classes have exploded. With the first twoblitz45 functional training studios opening in the Fort Lauderdale, Fl. area it’s been exciting for the Blitz45 franchise that it is receiving positive inquiries from all over the country.
Team Based Approach
The purpose and mission of Blitz45 is to create a teambased approach. It offers a functional training facility that applies the three keys to fitness: “Mindset, Motivation, Results.”
Every workout is a new and fun experience that produce great results. Blitz45 has created an attractive and eye catching design with the best functional training equipment available today. It offers not only the functional training group classes but also one to one training that makes it unique from its competitors.
Selecting a Franchisee 
The Blitz45 offers great incentives for new franchisees but having a sound financial platform of franchise is still a priority for Blitz45. It also looks for the ability and desire of franchise to build a team of trainers that will encourage and awaken enthusiasm in the members to have fun and get great results from the Blitz45 program. Blitz45 believes that following the “Franchise System” will always enhance the success of the franchise, and it is one of the important things it considers while awarding a franchise.
Positioned for Massive Growth 
As the boutique, style group functional training trend continues its climb with no end in sight. More and more members are enjoying the team-based approach and the great results derived from the Blitz45 program. The blitz45 functional training franchise is in the perfect position for massive growth.
Bright Reviews
The Zoo Health Club brand is a “Paw Above”
I own two Zoo Health Club franchisees in the Orlando, Fl. Area. Opening a Zoo Health Club was much easier than I thought. The reason for that is the tremendous amount of support from the team at Zoo Corporate. They take you by the hand and walk you through from the beginning, finding the right location, training to opening your Zoo Health Club. There is a franchise system in place and the more you follow it the more you enhance your success. I am excited about the Zoo brand and looking forward to opening my third Zoo Health Club. – Chris Larocca
“The Blitz45 is fun, easy and affordable for both members and franchisees.” 
“Being excited” is not saying enough about how we feel about owning a blitz45 functional training studio. Working with Judy and the blitz45 team has been a fantastic experience. The team at blitz45 did a great job finding a location and negotiating the best lease terms and conditions possible. The two days of training in our studio, that blitz45 provided was outstanding. For those of you looking for your own business franchise and enjoy fitness, we highly recommend you look at the blitz45 functional training studios.” – Kamal Cudjoe and Craig Wilson, Franchise owners of the new blitz45 showplace studio in Davie, Fl.