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Stephen Kalayjian | Chief Marketing Strategist & Co-founder | Ticker Tocker, LLC.

Ticker Tocker: On a Mission to Empower Traders

Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Ticker Tocker, LLC is an Intuitive Trading Platform Powered by a Community of Trading Leaders.
Empowering retail investors and traders to compete is Ticker Tocker’s mission. Ticker Tocker was designed to help novice, sophisticated, and institutional traders find, test, learn, share and execute trades in stocks, futures and foreign exchange.
Since its inception, Ticker Tocker has won numerous awards, including three Stevies® American Business Awards for Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year, Best FinTech Solution, and Best New Financial Product and Service in the 17th Annual American Business Awards®. These awards are indicative of a simple fact that Ticker Tocker is the future of trading. With a novel, intuitive approach to improving trading, Ticker Tocker is revolutionizing the fintech industry by introducing new levels of technology and efficiency.
These accolades are also accompanied by strategic partnerships with almost all of the industries’ leading exchanges and brokers including: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), CQG, Inc., Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Tradier, Fidelity Investments, ATC Brokers, TradeStation, Sage Trader, GarWood, MatrixEx, and many more.
Groundbreaking Products 
Ticker Tocker provides many different products for the many different DNAs of traders by combining solutions that allow traders to get content that matches their level of expertise:
Intuitive social charting tools provide novice traders the ability to easily copy trading leader’s trades in real-time to their existing broker accounts.
Intermediate traders can utilize a unique “Tocker Score” to easily visualize trends and end chart overload. A Tocker Score is a customizable, composite calculation of indicators that helps traders identify when significant events occur that might indicate upward or downward trends in momentum. Advanced traders can utilize a drag-and-drop codeless algorithm creator to design strategies in a way that’s easy to understand, provides instant visual feedback, requires no coding, and offers charting integration.
Verified trading leaders host live-room sessions, offering a high-level of transparency of their trading strategies and providing targeted education for novice and advanced traders alike.
The Immensely Experienced Leader 
With over 35 years of industry experience trading stocks, futures, commodities and currencies, Stephen Kalayjian, is the Chief Marketing Strategist and Co-founder of Ticker Tocker. Stephen began his career at the American Stock Exchange in 1983 and moved on to a position at the New York Stock Exchange in 1984, where he remained until 1989. Stephen also held positions in the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange and at the Chicago Board of Trade. Stephen traded his own capital and that of various family offices becoming a successful day trader trading a significant amount of volume. In 2007, Stephen co-founded a firm to research and develop predictive analytics in order to identify trends, reversals, patterns, and divergences in the marketplace for all asset classes and time intervals. Stephen seeks to generate short term and long term trade ideas using his predictive analytics throughout the day. In 2016, the company built Ticker Tocker, an intuitive marketplace trading platform. Ticker Tocker includes an order management system, an API connected to multiple member and technology firms, and a patented code-less algorithm builder. As a Leader on Ticker Tocker, Stephen provides education, strategies, market commentary, trade ideas, trade signals, and a live trading room for his subscribers. Ticker Tocker has contracted with Bloomberg to offer an application that provides predictive analytics to institutional traders through the Bloomberg App portal. Additionally, Steve will be hosting Ticker Tocker Live; a live stream program broadcasting eight hours per day, five days a week, to teach trading analytics and the power of predictive analytics for generating trade ideas in equities, futures, ETFs, commodities, and currencies.
Active Trading, the Need of the Hour 
According to the organization, the global equity markets have been on a historic run leading investors to question if sophisticated trading tools are necessary when things are “always going up”. But as everyone knows, business cycles are entirely inevitable, and what goes up must go down. To preserve and grow wealth, active trading is crucial to take advantage of all volatility in a market whether it is occurring in bullish or bearish territory.
Ticker Tocker also believes retail investors and traders have bought into a “set it and forget it” mentality. Passive investing and trading tools like ETFs, new unsophisticated apps such as Wealthfront, and other managed portfolio services have given a false sense of “security” be removing what used to be an integral part of the trading ecosystem, expertise and understanding. To combat this trend of complacency, Ticker Tocker provides tools and expert leader advice to allow traders to be active participants in trading.
Providing Institutional Level Tools 
Ticker Tocker specifically targets the trading niche in the FinTech space. In trading, issues plaguing the industry include shrinking commissions, reducing retail volume, and the rise of high frequency trading cutting into retail traders’ ability to generate a profit.
Ticker Tocker addresses these issues by providing institutional level tools and expert leader advice to traders to give them the capability to trade more and to compete with more sophisticated trading operations.
Standing Tall from the Crowd and Planning for a Better Future 
Ticker Tocker stands out from its competitors with patented technology developed over a decade and with partnerships with most major American exchanges and brokers. In addition, Ticker Tocker’s extensive regulatory licensing including being a RIA gives the company an advantage as the most heavily regulated platform to offer social trading services in the industry.
When it comes to the future, Ticker Tocker’s goal is to be the leading platform for retail trading for all major US brokers and exchanges by the end of 2020. Future goals beyond this include planned expansion to international markets including London/Europe, Israel/Middle East, and Singapore/South East Asia to name a few planned expansions.