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Laila Robak | Founder & CEO | SigniFlow Americas

SigniFlow Americas: Sealing the Deal with Technological Flexibility

The eSignature industry is evolving really fast and the concern with data privacy and security is growing as the industry evolves, as we can see with the rise of different security policies, whether industry focused (like PCI, FICA, KYC, etc.) or regional such as the GDPR in the European Union, LGPD in Brazil, Patriot act in the US, and many others. Digital processes assist companies to become more efficient, decreases bureaucracy and time related to paper processes and is safer as digital signatures are not merely images but a cryptographic process that cannot be cloned, copied or tampered with. With a focus at digital security and of course their profits, we can definitely expect a massive adoption of digital processes and the total digitization of the industry in the upcoming years.
SigniFlow Americas is an independent company, 100% woman owned business located in New Hampshire, United States, that holds the exclusive trade rights for SigniFlow in the American Continent.
With a rich history of innovation dating back over 90 years, PBSA (formerly known as Pitney Bowes SA) is a leading customer communications company, offering software, equipment and services to help companies improve operational efficiencies and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways. Together, SigniFlow Americas and PBSA, understands both hardware and software solutions and is optimally positioned to provide a secure, committed support infrastructure to its American customer base.
The Leader of Significance
Laila Robak, the Founder and CEO of SigniFlow Americas, is indeed a leader of significance. She studied Computer Science at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and continued her education at Southern New Hampshire University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a concentration in International Business. She has successfully completed a modest catalogue of continuing education courses and obtained certifications in Identity and Access Management, CyberSecurity Fundamentals, Computer Forensics, Business Management, and several other subjects.
She began her professional career in the IT field 14 years ago as a Programmer and Graphic Designer for her University before advancing to positions with companies such as the COPPETEC Foundation and IBM. In 2012, she became the Vice President of Latin America and the Caribbean for GlobalSign, a tech company specializing in cloud-based identity services. She was the Director of Partnerships at DigiCert, Inc. also in the identity services industry and has broad knowledge of the digital security and digital identity industry. She started SigniFlow Americas in 2018 bringing a new flexible concept of e-signature to the American Continent, contributing to the increase of efficiency and security in the industry including hospitals, universities and multi-national companies, among many others by adding to the already successful platform features and processes required by the American market.
Overcoming the Obstacles
The biggest challenge is the brand awareness, certain brands have been present longer in the American market therefore more known. What many do not know is that in 2013 we started developing the workflow software in Microsoft .Net which incorporated the CoSign digital signature technology from Algorithmic Research (ARX). When DocuSign acquired ARX in 2015, the SignFlow solution was already almost two years in development, the changes made by DocuSign following the acquisition did not attend the budgetary needs and requirements of flexibility its customers had. Therefore, it decided to end the relationship and started what today is the SigniFlow platform, flexible, more cost effective and that allow multiple deployments, including cloud based, local and hybrid.
Extraordinary Benefits for Clients
First and foremost, efficiency is the key factor the client can rely on the services of a company. There is no time spent printing, mailing, commuting, notating and waiting. When you use SigniFlow from the generation of the document to its signature can take as little as five minutes.
Second, mobility can be a proven factor for client satisfaction. You can sign a document anywhere and from any device as SigniFlow has total compatibility.
Third and the most important factor is security. Digital signatures involve a cryptographic process that cannot be copied, duplicated or tampered. You can also set your own security policies regards to download, emailing and access of documents. And all documents have legal validity: integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation.
Nurturing a Rich Culture
SigniFlow has a very talented team of engineers, industry experts who collaborate cross boarders to ensure that all its customers have the best experience. As Gartner has pointed in its Top Insights for every C-Suite Executive report, the future of the industry is digital, and they have seen the market has become a lot more approachable to the idea, not only to facilitate processes but also to create environmental awareness which has been so highly promoted by industries and governments across the globe.
Future Perspective
Our goal is to assist decreasing the bureaucracy of current processes, by helping companies throughout their digitalization journey, decreasing costs, increasing efficiency and convenience and at the same time increasing environmental awareness by decreasing the use of paper, ink and others that contribute to deforestation and pollution”,  Laila affirms about the future roadmap of the company.