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Renee Krug | Chief Executive Officer | GlobalTranz | Business Magazine

GlobalTranz: Delivering Ground-breaking Logistics Technology Solutions

The GlobalTranz Vision
GlobalTranz was founded in 2003 with a vision to deliver innovative technology to the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) space that would allow shippers unprecedented visibility, options, flexibility and control over their LTL transportation. GlobalTranz combined ground-breaking technology with exceptional LTL rates and a rapidly-growing network of freight agents. Since 2003, GlobalTranz has rapidly expanded into a leading logistics technology company and award-winning provider of multimodal transportation services and solutions.
Exclusive Services, Solutions and Products
The combination of transformative technology, exceptionally low rates, a robust agent network, and great service led to rapid growth which continues to the present. Today, GlobalTranz is a $1.4B organization, with 11 offices throughout North America, including a regional office in Monterrey, Mexico. The company offers GTZconnectTM, the award-winning next-generation Transportation Management System (TMS) that connects shippers with carriers, logistics service providers (LSPs) and GlobalTranz’s suite of logistics services. GlobalTranz’s logistis platform leverages the power of predictive analytics and matches shipper demand and carrier capacity so shippers and LSPs can make better business decisions across the simplest to the most complex supply chains. The company provides complete multimodal services, from small parcel to project logistics and everything in between, including LTL, truckload, expedite, intermodal, cross-border transportation and international air and ocean shipping.
Additionally, GlobalTranz provides consultative Managed Transportation Services (MTS) that allow its clients to focus on growing their business while utilizing their team of experts to manage their freight. Whether a shipper wants to outsource all of their logistics operations or just a specific segment of their transportation needs, the GlobalTranz team works as an extension of the client’s team to design the right solution to fit their organization’s needs and goals.
The dynamic GlobalTranz team also works as a partner to provide supply chain planning, day-to-day execution and strategic recommendations to reduce their freight costs, improve operational processes and deliver a competitive advantage.
Proven Leadership
As Chief Executive Officer of GlobalTranz, Renee Krug brings tremendous leadership skills, domain knowledge and 30+ years of multi-discipline experience that drive the overall strategy and direction of the company. She is an action-oriented executive who drives meaningful initiatives that create success. Prior to becoming the company’s CEO, she served as the company’s CFO from 2014-2018, where she helped drive GlobalTranz’s record growth and position as a market leading transportation management solutions and technology company. Before joining GlobalTranz, Renee was CFO of Clear Channel Outdoor and VP of finance at Swift Transportation. Earlier in her career, she held a variety of leadership roles at Honeywell in technology, operations, sales and Six Sigma process improvement.
Our sustained organic growth, strategic acquisitions, and the continued release of new technology products will allow us to continue to outpace many of our competitors in customer expansion, financial growth and advanced technology leadership in 2019. These are exciting times for GlobalTranz.” Renee Krug.
In today’s logistics technology landscape, it’s not enough to simply offer a robust Transportation Management System that captures shipment-level data. That is table stakes. The real differentiator is the ability to provide a control tower view of a shipper’s entire transportation network, and to leverage data, machine learning, and AI to provide predictive analytics which create true business intelligence, drives real-time business decision-making, and provides shippers with a competitive and operative advantage,” remarked Renee.
Innovative Logistics Technology
GlobalTranz has invested heavily in its talented people and technology, currently employing more than 140 full-time developers focused solely on building innovative new products to serve the needs of shippers, carriers and LSPs. In addition to GTZconnectTM, its award-winning TMS platform, GlobalTranz has developed GTZampTM (automated movement planning) which combines a variety of predictive analytics capabilities to deliver next generation Digital Freight Matching (DFM) services that differentiate GlobalTranz from its competitors while also providing shippers with insights they can translate into action:
Load Affinity analysis identifies shipments that are well-suited to be combined into a multi-movement route.
Carrier Match functionality algorithmically matches loads with the best carriers based on a host of factors, including volume covered, on-time performance, cost, bounce and roll percentages, and seasonality.
Cost Prediction Model predicts lane level costs based on a wide variety of features, including historical costs and current market conditions, in order to ensure that GlobalTranz maximizes savings for customers by securing the lowest possible rate.
Load To Truck Forecasting is a predictive analytics tool that leverages leading indicators to predict capacity availability in order to maximize service while minimizing cost.
Think Globally, Act Locally
Thinking globally isn’t just lip service for GlobalTranz—it’s in the organization’s name itself. The GlobalTranz team cares deeply about making the world a better place. That’s why they’ve created CORE, a group dedicated to organizing ways for GlobalTranz’s employees to give back. CORE is comprised of three teams:
Green Team– The Green Team focuses on the environmental impact of the company’s day to day business and community support to lessen its carbon footprint on the environment.
TruBlu Team– The TruBlu Team focuses on corporate culture and values, as well as health, education, and engagement for all GlobalTranz employees.
Red Team – The Red Team focuses on service and citizenship. The Red team organizes philanthropic and charitable events to help GlobalTranz’s team members give back to the community.
Comprehensive Services & Solutions
GlobalTranz offers a full spectrum of TMS technology, multimodal transportation services, Managed Transportation Services, and value-added supply chain solutions including:

  • White glove in-store/in-home delivery
  • Final mile delivery
  • Retail compliance programs
  • Drop trailer programs
  • High Value/High Risk Cargo solutions
  • Warehousing/cross-docking and more

This holistic approach allows GlobalTranz to provide technology, services, and solutions that grow with the clients as their business grows.
For the shippers whom GlobalTranz serves, each day brings a new hurdle to overcome. That’s why its team of dedicated logistics experts works so hard to develop the technology, multimodal services and solutions shippers need to succeed. In the past two years, the team has greatly expanded the technology offering, particularly with the release of the new GTZcommandTM, as well as enhanced business intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities. In addition, through acquisition and strategic partnerships, the company now offers more modal capabilities and solutions than ever before.
Harnessing AI and IoT
The logistics industry is in the midst of tremendous technological change, and GlobalTranz is leading the way with cutting-edge solutions. Technologies such as the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, AI, machine learning, blockchain, etc. are poised to make significant impacts on our day-to-day lives, the logistics industry and the economy overall. At their root, many of these innovations boil down to how to better leverage data to create business intelligence. There is a huge opportunity for those organizations that embrace these new technologies in order to provide their customers with a better, more seamless experience. GlobalTranz developed GTZconnectTM to serve the needs of shippers of all sizes, and continues to enhance the platform with new features, including AI and machine learning. Leveraging these technologies allows GlobalTranz to deliver predictive analytics that empower shippers to make more informed, real-time business decisions.
Future Prospects
2019 has been the “Year of Technology” at GlobalTranz, and we continue to develop and release cutting-edge technology that shippers, brokers, freight agents and carriers use to manage and optimize their transportation and logistics. In addition, we are aggressively pursuing acquisitions that will benefit our customer base by allowing us to offer additional modal solutions and services,” said Renee.
Advice for New Entrants from the CEO
“The transportation and logistics space has always been an arena for innovation and entrepreneurship- that’s how GlobalTranz started. My advice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry is to be very clear on focusing on a specific problem they are looking to solve, and then to develop the absolute best solutions they can.”