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Jean Michel Cornille | President & CEO | IES Synergy

IES Synergy: Market Leader of Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Offering new cost-saving, efficient charging solutions to potential users is key in pushing the largest number possible towards moving to an electric vehicle. IES Synergy has long been convinced that of all the alternatives, electromobility based on rapid charging solutions is an essential factor in combating climate disruption. Since its beginnings, IES has actively contributed to electrifying means of transport, be this actually in the vehicles in the industrial market, by helping to develop new solutions for car manufacturers, or by making it easier for operators, communities, and retailers to provide charging stations in public spaces. IES has built up its range around innovative products through new solutions for the rapid, sustainable development of electromobility. But the IES relationship with its customers does not stop there: Ensuring correct installation, availability and faultless operation of stations in the field, customer satisfaction is at the heart of the IES corporate strategy. IES designs and provides the most advanced, versatile and universal solutions on the market.
Jean-Michel Cornille is the President and CEO of the IES Synergy. Under the exemplary leadership of Jean- Michel Cornille, IES Synergy is committed to concrete actions to reduce its industrial impact due to concerns over the footprint of its activities. Below are the highlights of the interview between Jean-Michel Cornille and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company, its vision.  
IES, a pioneer in battery charging, has been supporting industrialists all over the world for 26 years in developing their electromobility solutions. IES has used this unique expertise to develop rapid charging solutions for all situations: charging stations for private vehicles, fleets, and buses, whether in urban areas, public places or on the roads, mobile chargers and on-board chargers for the industry.
What inspired IES Synergy to enter into this segment?  
Engaged since inception in the onboard chargers for the industrial electric vehicle market, IES has actively contributed to the development of solutions enabling the adoption of electric cars by the general public. We are convinced about the need to innovate in the e-mobility sector and provide new solutions to make electric vehicles easy to use for everyone. A proper charging infrastructure network is key in that aspect.
What are the cutting-edge automotive tech solutions offered by IES Synergy?  
Environmental issues are at the heart of the evolution of major cities and are deeply disrupting the mobility sector. The adoption of electric vehicles is strongly related to the availability of a well-dimensioned charging network that combines both slow and fast charging solutions to meet all uses. IES mainly focuses on fast-charging stations for urban use (business areas, public car parks, shopping centers, restaurants, stations, taxi stands, etc.), ensuring optimized charging times (typically in one hour) as well as durability of the electricity network. IES provides the most compact, universal and economical charging solutions on the market. These attributes are key levers to support the mass deployment of charging solutions in public and commercial areas, usable by everyone and in a flexible way.
What strategies has IES Synergy undertaken to stay ahead of the competition? 
Based on our long expertise in high-frequency battery charging, our ambition is to be at the forefront of the market. By mastering all technologies in-house, from power electronics, communication with vehicles, interfaces with users, to charging station compact design, we have developed our KEYWATTTM range of external fast chargers, well recognized by many car manufacturers and charging operators in the world. For instance, we are the only one on the market to offer a full hermetic design concept, removing the need to use an air filter, thus allowing high durability in extreme environmental conditions and low maintenance needs on the field.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that has shaped the journey of the company. 
IES has always been there at the major stages in the electric vehicle industry. The first to design and manufacture an on-board charger for forklifts and lifting cradles, first to equip a mass-produced light electric vehicle, involved in developing the Combo charging protocol for major German manufacturers, delivering mobile solutions for the development of many vehicles in the marketplace, taking up the competition challenge by equipping the FIA Formula-E World Championship, IES has been a part of the major events that have forged the market.
This innovation track record has spurred IES to expand internationally into Europe, America and also in China with an equal joint venture with the Wanma Group.
About the Leader 
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique & Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Jean-Michel-Michel Cornille joined IES Synergy in March 2015. He spent most of his career in Telecom or Electronic Industry, in Executive Management positions within large international companies, such as President of ALCATEL Mobile Solutions Division, Executive Vice-President of AREVA T&D Automation and Senior Vice- President of ALSTOM Grid Power Electronics & Automation. Jean- Michel-Michel brings his high-level executive management experience in leading IES Synergy to reach new heights.