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Andrew Dyduk | Co-founder and Managing Director | Schnitz

Schnitz: Providing Australians the Benchmark in Schnitzels

The statement “food is for life”, while often referring to the notion of food to keep us alive, also describes its necessity to satisfy the soul. With consumers more interested and curious about the variety of food they eat, taste plays a crucial part in this ever-increasing curiosity. People’s taste in food also diversifies with the geographical area, regional culture and the availability of ingredients.
Australia is rapidly becoming the food diversity nation of the world, having many different food options with mouth-watering tastes and flavours. Schnitz is an Australian, fast-casual restaurant and franchise network, specialising in hand-crumbed, pan-fried schnitzel dishes.
A privately-owned Australian company, Schnitz is run by the Dyduk family. Roman Dyduk has been designing, building and operating successful hospitality venues, including Schnitz, for more than 40 years, with his sons Andrew and Tom Dyduk joining him in 2007.
Armed with feedback and demand from their loyal customer base, the Dyduk family established two specialist schnitzel cafes in Melbourne’s CBD, branded Schnitz. In 2009, they opened what is now known as Schnitz’s no. 1 restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall store in Richmond, Victoria. A Hawthorn store soon followed in 2010, with Melbourne Central in 2011 and Elizabeth Street, Chadstone, Knox, Doncaster and Southland in 2012, before phenomenal growth across Victoria and the rest of Australia.
Schnitz’s first interstate restaurant opened in Liverpool, NSW in 2014, with the first Queensland and ACT restaurants following in 2015, the first Western Australian restaurant in 2017 and the very first South Australian restaurant opening in October 2018.
Today, there are more than 70 Schnitz company-owned and franchise restaurants across the country. The company has turned schnitzel making into an art-form and con_nues to make the perfect schnitzel to the exact recipe that was taught to Roman by his mother many years ago.
Bringing Taste from Home
When Roman Dyduk migrated to Australia from Poland in 1970, he quickly realised how hard it was to find a schnitzel that reminded him of home. Schnitzel making for him was a true art-form, with his passion and dedication for satisfying his customers ultimately leading to the creation of Schnitz. Specialising in traditional, pan-cooked schnitzels, the menu at Schnitz is dedicated to mixing the age-old culinary tradition with a modern Australian twist.
With chicken, beef, pork and a new vegan schnitzel, Schnitz offers a variety of wraps, rolls, salads and plated meal options, plus sides. Customers can select their own schnitzel crumb to personalise their meals, with the menu also offering vegan and gluten free options. Schnitz is dedicated to creating dining experiences to suit all tastes and dietary requirements, empowering its customers to customise their meals.
A Dedicated Administrator
Andrew Dyduk, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Schnitz, stepped into his role after many years’ involvement in the development of the Schnitz network, helping to build it up to where it is today. Within his day-to-day role, Andrew focuses on the international development of the Schnitz brand, having previously led a team responsible for selecting the best franchise partners, researching and selecting suitable sites, designing and building the stores, marketing and working with franchise partners and store managers to grow their businesses.
Prior to starting at Schnitz alongside his father and brother, Andrew ran a successful technology company in Melbourne, which he also co-founded. Eventually leaving that role, Andrew jumped into Schnitz with his brother and father, collectively making the decision to remortgage the family home to get the business off the ground.
Committed to Quality
At Schnitz the team is focused on and dedicated to its people, with a strong passion for creating the perfect schnitzel with every order. With over 70 stores nationwide, its expansion in Australia has created more than 1,500 jobs across both franchise and company owned restaurants and has seen 11 in-store recruits transition into positions at Schnitz’s head office; an exciting result for the business.
Only working with franchise partners who believe in the brand and the quality of food, Schnitz is keeping true to the Dyduk’s family-oriented approach to business. The proof is in the pudding, with more than 10 franchise partners operating multiple restaurants, highlighting the growth opportunities created by Schnitz.
Global Approach
To deliver higher customer centric offerings, Schnitz has its ears to the ground on what customers are really wanting from their dining experience and the much loved schnitzel. The company will continue to solidify its national footprint and gain more awareness amongst the desired audience, scoping for international expansion. The Schnitz name is trademarked in over 60 countries worldwide.