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Cleaning Business as a Pandemic Opportunity – Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 has hit most business domains hard, but some are thriving amid the opportunity. Commercial cleaning services are is one of these, as homeowners and business owners want to go the extra mile with cleaning and sanitation. While existing businesses are going a notch higher, new ones also want to make the best of this massive opportunity.

Although the domain is traditionally male-oriented, women entrepreneurs are keen to join the bandwagon to leverage the advantage. The start may be a tad tougher if you are a woman, but your gender need not keep you from achieving success. Here are some lessons that can help you get the best start with your cleaning business.
Knowledge is the key
The cleaning industry is not the most glamorous, but there is a lot to learn. Begin with the basics because you will need them to set up initially. The pandemic has made things complex for commercial providers as they need to have the right technologies, equipment, and materials to deal with the virus. Knowledge is the key to building a successful business. While you need not have a formal degree, organizational and managerial skills are vital. You can go through industry publications, attend webinars, and connect with experts to understand the current commercial cleaning trends. For example, sustainability is trending right now, so you must learn about green cleaning materials and energy-efficient practices.
Marketing is crucial
While the opportunity is big, the competition can appear daunting to a woman entrepreneur trying to break the glass ceiling. At this point, you can win the start-up game with a robust marketing plan. Start by identifying your niche, whether you want to opt for the residential or commercial market or if you want to specialize in COVID disinfection. Once you define your niche, it is easy to pick your audience and build a marketing strategy around them. A strong online presence is non-negotiable right now because customers search providers on the internet. Visibility across platforms like TrustedCleaner can get your business in full swing right from the start. Invest in an attractive website and build reach across social media.
Employee safety should be a priority
Perhaps the most crucial lesson for women entrepreneurs diving into the commercial cleaning domain right now is to focus on employee safety. A start-up’s team is its most significant asset, so it deserves maximum attention. You need to be extra conscious because risk runs high for cleaning teams, specifically the ones serving commercial and retail entities. Provide adequate training and protective equipment to ensure safety at work. The extra effort will make you an ideal employer who cares for employees. It is easier for women because they are inherently empathic, so your gender gives you an advantage here.
Success in the cleaning domain is easier than ever as the demand for these services skyrockets amid the pandemic. It is the best time to grab the opportunity, even for women looking for lucrative ones. You even have an easy route as following these simple lessons can set you up for success.

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