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Bozhidar Bozhanov | CEO | LogSentinel

LogSentinel: Improving Cybersecurity with Threat Detection and Response.

In the world of digitalization, it is essential to protect the important information from the potential cyber threats. It has become the obvious reality in recent years that one can’t ignore information security, as the risks are too high, and one can’t afford getting breached. LogSentinel delivers robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions to protect data breaches and insider attacks, as well as it ensures a higher level of compliance with legal standards and regulations.
LogSentinel is an information security company that was founded several years ago with the vision of improving security for everyone. It was started with protecting the integrity of log collection and grew to offer a full-featured Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Bozhidar Bozhanov is CEO at LogSentinel. He is a senior software engineer and solution architect with over 10 years of experience in the software industry.

“LogSentinel is an information security company helping businesses of all sizes to prevent data breaches and simplify compliance.”

Leveraging the Latest Technologies
LogSentinel is passionate about information security and believes in privacy as a human right. Its mission is to help boost IT security processes of organizations by leveraging the latest technologies including blockchain and AI along with industry best practices. LogSentinel SIEM is an easyto-use next-gen SIEM system that helps its customers to reduce the time and cost of incident detection, investigation, and response by over 90%. By leveraging the latest technologies like blockchain and machine learning, it enables security teams to eliminate their blind spots and prevent any security incident in real-time.
Guaranteeing the Integrity of Data
LogSentinel is zealous about what it does, and the products it creates that entirely protect personal, confidential, and sensitive data of the organizations so that organizations can focus on achieving their business goals without worrying about data breach and its security. LogSentinel’s fundamental priority is to keep critical data of organizations safe by using state-of-the-art way to store, monitor, and analyse their business-related events.
LogSentinel offers absolute integrity guarantees for the collected data. One can use company’s system to prove to third parties, including courts, auditors and regulators, that the digital evidence that was collected hasn’t been tampered with. This is a strong requirement for many sensitive industries. LogSentinel prides itself with the ease of integration and ease of use. SIEM projects are typically very complex and often have unsatisfactory results due to the complexity of integration – company fixes that with a lot of flexibility on the data collection side. LogSentinel offers a predictable pricing model that scales down to allow mid-market companies and SMEs to fully benefit from SIEM.
One-of-a-kind Security Innovation
LogSentinel SIEM offers one-of-a-kind security innovation: privacy of logs, audit log integrity, unlimited retention, and full visibility, all at a flat and predictable fee, estimated by the number of active users. It provides a solution that was previously thought to be only fit for large enterprises, to customers that could not have afforded it, and who are left vulnerable because of that.
Today, LogSentinel is happy to help small and medium enterprises in their cybersecurity and compliance efforts because the world won’t be more secure if a few large companies buy every security product out there. It will be more secure only if every enterprise has access to the best tools. Log management, behavior analytics, advanced AIdriven threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform – LogSentinel SIEM offers simplicity, predictability, and innovation like nobody else on the market.
Ensuring Endpoint Protection
The pandemic drove many companies to remote work setups which complicate security and that making 360- degree security monitoring extremely important. Organizations cannot afford to miss any source of security related logs and events and cannot afford to trust that home computers are safe, and this is why segments like endpoint protection and SIEM is becoming more and more relevant. LogSentinel’s zero-setup cloud SIEM and its open-source collector and agent can handle every system and every setup even in complex organizations.
Facilitating Digital Transformation
Certainly, remote work is here to stay, and the software industry can make great use of it. But COVID-19 is driving digital transformation in many industries, including the public sector. This is great for software outsourcing, as many businesses will require new systems and new integrations, but is also great for security companies like LogSentinel, as the attack surface is increasing. LogSentinel’s plans are to increase its portfolio of out-of-the-box supported solutions for security monitoring so that any digital transformation project can benefit from great security monitoring and threat detection.
Being Ethical
CSR for a startup is different than CSR for a large corporation. First and foremost, LogSentinel believes in ethics – being ethical to partners, competitors, and customers. This changes the environment for the better.
Reputable Cloud Services
The hard thing about cyber hygiene is finding the time and resources to enforce best practices. LogSentinel prioritizes low hanging fruit in its company, including 2FA and having reputable cloud providers.
Scope for Improvement
Bozhidar states that lot of improvements can be made in the cybersecurity industry in order to account for a complex business environment. He believes that volatility should be met with flexibility and endurance. If something doesn’t work, he advises to adapt, pivot, overcome. He says that Logsentinal’s direction in coming years would to be to fulfil the vision of providing great security tools to organizations of any size.