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Can you Win Big at Online Slots?

If you follow gambling news often, you might have heard of stories about people who won big at online slots.

In 2011, a Norwegian student couldn’t sleep after hitting an €11.7 million jackpot after playing slots for a while.
In 2015, a British ex-soldier set a new record by winning in excess of €17 million by playing the jackpot game: Mega Moolah. People have also won millions of euros at slots in Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Scotland.
As such, it’s true you can win big at online slots. Here’s what it takes:
Play High-RTP Slots
RTP stands for Return to Player, the average amount of money a slot pays back to players through winnings. It’s calculated as a percentage, so you want to look for the highest RTP slots.
By law, all slots must pay at a rate above 85%. According to many experts and players, though, 85% is still a poor rate. The best slots pay out at rates above 95%. If you want to win big, therefore, look for 96%, 97%, 98%, and 99% slots.
To be clear, RTP shows you the theoretical estimate a slot pays back in the long run. It doesn’t mean you have to win at a high-RTP game. Slots are games of pure chance, and so you can still lose money while playing a 99% slot.
Choose Safe Slot Sites
Where you play slots is as important as the games you play. Choose top-rated casino sites for the best experience. First, your data and money stay encrypted. Second, you have access to a wide range of high-quality online slots.
Game variety exposes you to top-RTP slots inspired by stuff you like. That way, you won’t just play a game because of its payout rate. You get to play high-paying slots based on sports, TV shows, ancient Egypt, or politics.
Another reason to play slots online for real money at safe casinos is that you’re assured of receiving your money. You could win €10,000 or €1 million, and you’ll have it transferred to your bank account within a couple of days. Unsafe casinos, by comparison, might scam you.
Play Progressive Jackpots Cautiously
Most people who won millions of euros at online slots won by playing progressive jackpots. If you want to be a casino millionaire, then you need to check out these slots:

  • Mega Moolah—Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune—NetEnt
  • Arabian Nights—NetEnt
  • Hall of Gods—NetEnt
  • Imperial Riches—NetEnt

These games have one thing in common—their jackpots increase gradually. The jackpot money comes from players. Let’s say you wager $10. The game could keep 1% of your bet ($1) and contribute it to the grand prize.
This pot will increase daily for as long as people keep trying to win. Eventually, the jackpot is won and resets to a specific figure—Mega Moolah resets to $1 million.
Although jackpots payout high amounts of money, they have relatively low RTP rates. Mega Moolah, for example, pays out at a rate of 88.12%. It’s not great, which is exactly why it’s too difficult to win the game’s prestigious jackpots.
Choose Medium and High-Variance Slots
Online Slots are made up of many features. One of these features is variance: it explains the frequency by which a game pays out. It also explains whether a game pays out small, moderate, or large amounts of money.
Low variance online slots payout regularly but in small amounts. Mega Joker by NetEnt is an excellent example. This slot has a 99% RTP, so it’s worth playing. However, it pays out small amounts, meaning you can’t become a millionaire by playing the slot.
By comparison, the Bonanza Megaways slot by BTG is a high-variance slot. It’s risky to play despite having a 96% RTP. But if you’re lucky, you can win a maximum of 12,000 your stake at the slot.
That said, high-variance online slots demand a decent bankroll. These games have pretty long dry spells. So, you want a budget that can take you through the long winless spells until you hit a decent win.
Pick Feature-Rich Slots
The standard online casino has these types of online slots: classic, video, progressive, mobile, and 3D slots. Classic online slots are generally simple in nature. They have low payouts and few features. Video slots have the best features and payout rates.
We are talking about scatter symbols, wilds, multipliers, jackpots, and cascading reels. Scatters trigger free spins, which give you another chance at winning. Wilds replace regular symbols with winning symbols, which increase your chances of winning.
On the flip side, multipliers magnify your potential profits. Let’s say you trigger winning symbols in a game with a 12x multiplier. It means you win 12x your bet amount. If the multiplier stands at 100x, you win 100 times your wager amount.
Additionally, some slots have random jackpots. They’re not as big as progressive jackpots. But they can be worth between 500 and 10,000 coins. Another unique feature changes the reels so that you can win continuously for a while.
Bet Big
Want to win big at online slots? Bet big. No, don’t break the bank to play online slots. Instead, set a budget after paying your bills and setting aside money for your savings. With your budget, play big amounts rather than betting small in the hopes of playing for long.
Playing small amounts might keep you busy for a couple of hours. But you’ll usually win little amounts. On the other end, placing bet bets mean you stand to win maximum amounts. Let’s explain with an example.
You have a $50 budget. So, you bet 10 cents per spin 500 times. With this strategy, you could hit a 10x multiplier, and the maximum you will win is $1. You could hit a 100x multiplier, and your ten cents will turn into $10.
Assuming you were to bet $1 per spin. You have a maximum of 50 spins. But if just one spin leads to a 100x multiplier, then you’ll have doubled your bankroll. If you trigger two spins with a 100x multiplier, then you’ll walk away with $200, four times your budget.