Break Design Solutions: Offering Exemplary Branding and Packaging solutions

Founded in 1978, Break Design is a family-run agency that specializes in various sevices including brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design, shape design, digital design and others. The company is headquarterd in Milan and believes that it was a small revolution because for the first time in Italy, an agency was entirely dedicated to Branding and packaging. This pioneeristic and innovative spirit still represents the agency’s soul for creating original design able to add strong competitive advantages to the brands it works with. This is well expressed in the agency statement as well which is “Break the rules, create the difference”.
The Italian Touch 
Break Design asserts that being an italian enterprise, it positions all the positive attributes of italianity including original creativity, passion for beauty and craftmanship. At present the company works for clients all over the world and is known for its italian branding and international love. As mentioned above, Break Design’s expertise includes Brand Positioning strategy, Corporate and Brand Identity, Packaging design, Retail Design and it works across a wide range categories, from food and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceutical.
Branding Across the Globe 
Giorgio Garvaglia is the owner of the Break Design and currently working as the Brand Consultant in the company. He has been studying branding strategies around the world but with strong relations to his Italian Roots and Heritage. As a young adult, Giorgio wanted to make his own way into the branding world, so he studied abroad and then started working in London Spirit Advertising, managing brands such as Nissan, Fiat, London City and Tudor.
Coming back to Italy, Giorgio began working in his agency at every level, to have 360 knowledge of his job. He believes that the most challenging aspects of his journey were, on one hand, to develop the required knowhow and communicate it to the clients, on the other hand, to develop the organisational and management skills to successfully take over the role of his father. Amid the same, he received the valuable help of her sister, Paola Garvaglia.
In the last 15 years, Giorgio has been creating and managing brands at national and international level, for clients such as SanPellegrino, Lavazza, Ferrero, Nestlè, Pepsi and many others. Another great passion of Giorgio is Basketball, which he played at semiprofessional levels.
Conquering Adversities 
Break Design believes, the challenge for a Design Agency, in such a dynamic and complex landscape, is not only to be a great designer but also to support the clients in the steps before the design. Understanding clients’ business, their Brand DNA and consumers behaviour are fundamental to create the right insights when developing a unique, impactful and differentiated Brand Visual Identity.
Putting Passion into Relationship 
Break Design puts great importance in people and has a creative team and clients who have been with it for a very long time. The company works with its clients and not for them, putting passion into its relationship. This passion for designing winning differences for a brand is what drives its thinking on every project.
Break Design consists of a very dynamic team, with International Background, seniority and freshness. 30 of them love to design creatively, 8 of them manage accounts while 9 of them indulge into pre-press operation. Break Design always provides the most multifunctional team on a project by project basis.
The Future of Packaging 
According to Break Design, the potential future of packaging design industry will be ever strategic for the Brands’ success, and packaging will be one of the main touchpoints to comunicate the Brand’s Identity. In particular consumers start understanding the role of packaging as a primary mean to reduce waste and increase recycling, also online shopping packaging will play a pivotal role in supporting Brands’ and Consumers’ e-commerce experiences. In this context it’ll be winning Break Design’s original thinking and its capacity to create unique storytellings that start from the Design and connect Brands with People.
Clientele Assessments 
“KDV group started to work with Break Design agency 3 years ago for a global restyling of the entire company portfolio (27 federal brands and around 350 SKU). Since that initial day, KDV company significantly grew up – the brand portfolio doubled in numbers, the products increased to 1300 SKU ! Break rationalised our product offer, bringing added value to the existing brands and developed stronger brand identities for new categories. KDV group is now one of the biggest confectionary&snack companies of the Russian Federation and CIS countries offering to consumer Russian products with an Italian touch.” – Team of brand managers department KDV group
“Break is one of our Key Partner in Branding and Packaging design since 30 years, as we appreciate and trust their way of working driven by passion, creativity and result oriented.” – Ferrero Marketing team
“Just great Italian signature designs and passion applied to packaging !” – Nestle Mkting Team