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Ian Cooper, CEO, Famar

FAMAR: Providing Excellence in Contract Development and Manufacturing Services

With changing times due to the pandemic, pharma companies are increasingly positioning themselves to respond to needs and provide clients with efficient and simple solutions. Consumer demand is simple: they want less expensive, well-made drugs available when needed. Outsourcing enables pharma companies to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.
As coronavirus has spread around the world, it has created profound disruption across communities, patients and clinicians, the way companies work, and how they engage to support stakeholders across the ecosystem. It has severely disrupted all industries around the globe and the Pharma industry is no exception.
FAMAR has quickly adapted to a new way of doing business with its customers, as imposed by the restrictions to contain the spread of the Virus, introducing strict protocols to keep our people safe and our operations running. In FAMAR this also has meant adapting to virtual customer meetings instead of face-to-face meetings, increasing the frequency of its communications with clients, so that it ensures continuous alignment on the clients supply priorities, by anticipating any potential supply problems to address them so as to avoid them becoming an issue for its clients’ patients.
Ian Cooper, CEO of FAMAR believes the trust and mutual respect between CDMOs and their clients is strengthening through this pandemic, where the CDMO has been able to show their professionalism in managing this crisis and ensuring reliable supply to the needs of the clients. Ian says that Business relationships that are solid, long-lasting, reliable are even more strengthened in the times of pandemic. And he says that this is what clearly characterizes the relationship between FAMAR and its clients.
Leading Service Provider in Healthcare
FAMAR was founded in 1949 in Greece and is today one of the leading European companies providing services for the development and production of pharmaceutical and health care products (CDMO). Today FAMAR has 6 production centers and 2 R&D units for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health care products in Greece, Italy, and Spain. It produces annually 1700 unique product codes for more than 120 clients – pharmaceutical and health care companies. It also has the largest distribution network exclusively for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Greece – with a share of more than 60% of the total market.
The company has 1850 employees, and it positions itself as one of the leading service providers in the health care and pharmaceutical industry, leveraging the experience, extensive market know-how and the talents and passion cultivated in its corporate culture for its people.
Emphasizing on Quality and Technical Expertise
FAMAR is a European provider of pharmaceutical manufacturing and development services with a legacy of 70 years of technology expertise. In FAMAR it strategically emphasizes on continuous investment in quality, technical expertise and equipment, sustained enrichment of its service portfolio and a strong and flexible structure that ensures a steady growth of drug development and production services for more than 120 clients for 80 markets worldwide.
Building on its experience, FAMAR is reliable partner to deliver flexible solutions, from development to production and distribution.
Providing Flexibility and Innovative Solutions
Today, more than ever, FAMAR is rapidly adapting to an ever-changing and highly demanding pharmaceutical environment, providing flexibility and innovative solutions to quickly meet the needs of its clients. As a CDMO, it recognizes the vital role in the production and supply of medicines to patients in need worldwide. Its clients, its people, its local and international health systems, and society depend on the company and its steady supply of drug development and manufacturing services and that expectation is its promise, its mission, its point of excellence.
Good Vaccines Distribution Practices
Currently, in Greece, due to its position as the leading 3PL dedicated to Pharmaceutical distribution, FAMAR was selected by the Greek government to be the partner that will handle the distribution of pandemic vaccines to all remote areas in Mainland Greece.
The distribution of the vaccines to the most remote locations is indeed a technical challenge due to the very demanding storage and transport conditions but also due to the critical importance of the cargo to the fight against the Covid19 pandemic. FAMAR is probably the only player in Greece able to perform such mission with strict compliance with the Good Distribution Practices due to the quality and size of its fleet, the highly trained work force accustomed to handle high value lifesaving pharmaceuticals, and the impeccable track record provided by its Quality System, a safe assurance to its Clients, Authorities and to the population in general who is counting on these medicines to progressively return back to a normal life.
Investing in High Potent Capabilities
FAMAR is not only heavily investing in its newest High Potent capabilities (Safebridge Cat 3) to ensure proper containment of the active ingredient and protect its scientists, but is also keeping in mind this approach of coordinated end to end development of harder to make medicines. It is certain that its Clients will appreciate and take great benefit from the end to end integration from formulation and analytical development, through clinical batches to scale up and commercial manufacturing.
Ensuring Strength, Reliability and Resilience
FAMAR’s future aspirations is what its vision clearly states. It is the priority of FAMAR, its shareholders and the management team. The company aims to achieve full recovery and development of its business in total to reposition itself as the leader in the CDMO market. Its highly skilled employees are fully committed to serving its clients and their patients through this last year’s renaissance of FAMAR. Definitely this time due to the Covid pandemic, the disruptions, and difficulties in all markets in general, are very challenging, but FAMAR has shown its strengths, its reliability, its quality of services that characterize its long-lasting business relations and a resilience that differentiates it and make it stand out in the global CDMO market.