Art Fresh: Optimizing Brand Efficiency

In an interview with Insights Success, Elena Herweyer, the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Art Fresh, broadly discusses on the company’s core competencies and the services it offers.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Elena and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of Art Fresh, its uniqueness, and its vision. 
Art Fresh Inc. is a leading innovator in branding, marketing and in the graphic design field. We create and develop brands. We are a multi award-winning team of exceptionally creative professionals specializing in graphic design, web, marketing and copywriting.
Through effective marketing strategies and outstanding designs based on our team’s 100+ years of experience working with large international corporations that include Kimberly Clark Worldwide, L’Oreal, Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Giorgio Armani, Gillette, Mercedes Benz, Samsung and small to medium sized businesses, government institutions, and non-profit organizations in the American and European markets, we provide custom made comprehensive marketing solutions and premium quality graphic design services for brand development and website design consistent with our clients’ visions and goals.
Describe Art Fresh’s cutting-edge packaging design services which address all the needs of your customers? 
We provide award-winning creative design services with a focus on packaging and label design to help businesses capture a strong position in the market. Our approach includes the development of comprehensive visual systems of brand communication. Uniqueness, symbolism, functionality, simplicity and integrity are keys of great packaging design nowadays. To improve the consumer’s relationship with packaging, our strategy is to create packaging design that will meet the needs of each individual consumer in every way possible.
Here, personalization is key. We create a complete recognizable and modern visual style to represent the client’s product as a special gift and help it stand out among the competitors. Presentation of a brand, its marketing positioning and the idea are carried out in one, easy-to-remember, up-to-date visual concept for optimal identification of the product. We strive to develop a graphic design solution that will help easily recognize a brand, whether looking at the packaging design of the product or any other advertising materials.
We aim at simplicity of graphic language and original communication of the brand by visual means in order to achieve instant brand recognition in a highly competitive marketplace. Functionality combined with an outstanding creative visual idea forms the basis for effective packaging design. Packaging is the “sales person” for the product and is most often the first touch point with the consumer. We focus on developing a unique and modern graphic design concept that allows the product to stand out in the market.
What are the challenges faced while providing packaging design services and how is Art Fresh serving to tackle them? 
On a crowded retail shelf, it is challenging to have an own “voice” for the product. The product has a better chance of being noticed if there is something unique, fresh and attractive about its packaging — a brand identity design will talk about the quality of the product. When it comes to a choice between two similar products from different companies, the customer will choose the product which appeals aesthetically and emotionally to him/her. Most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale especially when it is an impulse buy. Knowing this, we focus on creating a unique positioning of the product that will result from an innovative package with professional brand identity design that gives the product an edge.
When we work on packaging we want to create an emotional impact on the end consumer and represent the benefits of the client’s product in the most convenient way as the functionality of packaging is a priority. A professionally packaged product is like a gift: it conveys that the customer is purchasing a top-quality product that has been carefully crafted from start to finish and provides value.
What according to you could be the potential future of packaging design industry and how does Art Fresh envision sustaining its competency? 
We live in a new economic era and high-speed changes in the market from new technologies bring new ideas and opportunities which open new fantastic horizons and affect all businesses. The industrial design quickly assimilates new trends and technologies to transform packaging design. In the future, we may see new materials and completely new product packaging solutions that we have never seen before, including sustainable packaging, active and intelligent packaging, nanotechnology, and 3D-printed packaging that will require fresh creative ideas and new visions of communication from designers.
I foresee that the future packaging design will be developed intensively to inspire and complement new Internet technologies. The focus will move to eco-packaging solutions and the traditional packaging such as plastic will give up their leading position to new “eco-friendly solutions.” I see a real future in second life packaging. With innovative packaging design becoming so fast paced today, we enjoy keeping up to date with the latest packaging design trends and innovations.
About the Leader 
The versatile experience Elena received during her work with international and local clients, along with her longtime focus on brand development services, led Elena to found Art Fresh Creative Studio in 2011, soon after she moved to Canada from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Elena is a professional artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Her paintings are held in the private art collections of Ukraine, Canada, Poland and Germany. Since 1999, Elena has been a member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine. Several of Elena’s graphic design and advertising works have earned awards at the Annual International Festival of Advertising in Europe and USA. Recent awards include a Best of Show and Silver at the Summit Creative Awards, 2018 (SIA, USA). In 2018, Elena was invited to be a member of the A’ Award jury at A’ Design Award & Competition. A’ Design Award is a prestigious design competition that takes place annually in Italy to recognize a quality and perfection in design and innovations.