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Shon Anderson | CEO | B9Creations

B9Creations: Professional Grade 3D Printing Solutions Since Inception

A former Air Force pilot, Mike Joyce with deep expertise in computer science and mathematics, who was seeking a better additive manufacturing platform for use in the aerospace industry founded B9Creations. During his search for an additive manufacturing solution, he discovered there were only two categories of technology – cheap 3D printers for at-home hobbyists and ones costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, well out of reach for small and medium-size businesses. So, Joyce decided to forge a third category, a fast, reliable, easy-to-use, 3D printer that delivered a professional-grade solution with a quick return-on investment.
Now, in an interview with Insights Success the spokesperson of B9Creations has shared the untold stories of ups and downs of the organization.
Below are the highlights of the interview between B9Creations’ spokesperson and Insights Success;
Could you throw some light on company’s mission and vision statement?
B9Creations is an innovation engine that improves customers’ lives with technology. In practice, that means our sustainable competitive advantage is to out-listen the competition and develop customer-driven products by incorporating customers into the product development process to translate their needs into innovative technology – whether it’s a direct customer, a dealer, or an OEM partner seeking a customized solution.

“Fast, precise, and easy to use, B9Creations industrial and medicalgrade 3D printers are out-of-thebox and printing in 15 minutes, delivering production-grade parts with post-processing to match, at a price point that delivers a rapid return on investment”

As the leader in speed, simplicity, and value, we stake our brand on your success. Here, customer service isn’t a department. It’s the company. That customer focus carries through from our world-class factory start-up assistance included with every printer to integration specialists who can partner with your company to develop a custom strategy around additive manufacturing integration. It also means every time you call, there’s a real person on the other side, ready and willing to help.
Give a detailed description of the CEO’s influence over the company and the industry.
Prior to joining the B9Creations team in October 2014, Shon Anderson, the CEO of B9Creations spent nearly 20 years growing, developing and leading businesses in the cleantech industry. He worked for small regional firms and Fortune 500 companies, aligning and growing businesses around new market opportunities.
With a track record of growing businesses from $5M to $250M+, Anderson brings knowledge of engineering, sales, marketing, and customer focus that fits perfectly with B9Creations’ vision for growth and expansion.
As employee #4, Anderson has helped usher B9Creations from its early start-up days to its current position as a global innovation engine transforming the way our customers serve their customers – whether through direct, channel, or OEM relationships.
Anderson has overseen the growth of B9Creations team and product portfolio from a single offering to a range of medical and industrial-grade printers, with a suite of biocompatible, engineering, design, and casting resins, automated post-processing, and a robust software capability from print preparation to custom material development.
According to you, which upcoming/current technology is going to be a disruptive force for the industry (Additive Manufacturing industry) in a near future?
One of the goals with any additive manufacturing technology provider is to understand the customer’s needs and transform those needs into technology that just works. This customer-driven product mindset has led to customized, industry-specific digital manufacturing solutions across hardware, software, and material platforms that have been most impactful for our customers and most disruptive in the additive industry as a whole.
For example, today, most additive manufacturers offer the same generic print preparation software whether the customer is in a medical, industrial, or even jewelry market. However, the needs of those customers are radically different – as is the workflow on either end of the 3D printing process and even the parts they’re printing themselves.
That’s why we’ve been intentional in developing customizable, industry-specific print preparation software that seamlessly integrates into the customer’s existing workflow. For instance, as an OEM technology provider in the dental space, we’ve developed dental-specific 3D printing software with 3-click workflows customized by application – from perfect-fit same-day dentures to splints and surgical guides.
We’ve taken the same approach with technological innovations, developing medical and industrial-grade 3D printers with customizable options for OEM and enterprise customers.
As the additive industry continues to evolve, user expectations will shift and place the burden of integration on the technology provider, not the technology adopter, making industry-specific workflows critical – and the companies that can get there the fastest will be a disruptive force.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your services more resourceful?
Almost every company that produces or ships anything is exploring the potential of additive manufacturing to impact their business today. By developing solutions that are not just hardware-based but leverage lean production methodology with hardware, software, and application knowledge, we de-risk investment in additive for our customers.
Who are your potential customers? And what marketing activities do you implement to reach out to your potential customers?
Our potential customers run the gamut of small business owners to international conglomerates in high-precision applications looking for a production-grade, fast, easy-touse digital manufacturing solution that scales to their need. We’ve served startups all the way to large companies deploying solutions to nearly a thousand locations.
The need those customers have in common is seeking a solution that just works – no maintenance, no downtime, no additive manufacturing expertise required – capable of moving from prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts with ease.
Our potential customer is also looking for a solution that integrates into their industry, whether that’s a software solution that takes CT scans of a fractured joint and turns them into printable anatomical models and surgical planning tools or material that delivers flawless casted jewellery pieces every time.
How are you leveraging the entrepreneurial ideas of early and growth-stage businesses?
Some of the most innovative applications of additive technology we’ve seen come from the entrepreneurial ideas of early and growth-stage businesses – and their focus on streamlined, effective production in a resource-scarce environment sharpens our solutions as they must not only meet that need, but the ones those same early-stage businesses will have as they scale.
Meeting customer requirements for a solution that reliable scales from a single company office to hundreds of locations across the world – while complying with the stringent requirements demanded of medical, aerospace, and the like – means our team is not only developing and deploying incredible technology but the business model and value stream integration, lean manufacturing principles, and customer experience to match.