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Sam Al-Mukhtar | Founder & CEO | Geomiq

Geomiq: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

From rapid tools, rapid prototypes or large quantity runs of specialist precision parts, Geomiq approved partner network for CNC machining services lets you innovate faster. Whether you need injection moulding prototypes with rapid tooling or complex multi-cavity injection moulding for production, Geomiq approved partner network lets you innovate faster. Whether you need simple sheet metal cutting, prototype enclosures or large quantity runs of specialist precision sheet metal fabrication, Geomiq approved partner network of sheet metal fabricators lets you innovate faster.
Primary Focus on the Technologies 
Geomiq focuses primarily on the technologies that are being used and trusted by the industry. The company does offer specialized new technologies to the customers who are in their initial prototyping phase. It often sources and partners with innovative companies that focus on innovation, whether it be materials or technologies. 3D printing is very popular these days, it is cheap to prototype, and the turnaround is quick. However, Large R&D departments who have multimillion budgets would still prefer to have their prototypes CNC machined due to the level of accuracy and repeatability. This is not saying that 3D printing is worse, it depends on the application, and the level of accuracy is required.
DMLS is something that is already being used in the industry with a bit more time, and a wider adoption the price will also drop considerably that’s where the technology will start to improve and gain wider adoption.
Challenges in Additive Manufacturing 
One of the greatest challenges in additive manufacturing is delivering quality products to customers, which are to their expectations. As mentioned previously, it’s really hard to pin down the exact tolerances and repeatability of parts that have been manufactured using additive technologies. But things are getting much better, and additive technologies are advancing at a rapid pace.
Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry 
Geomiq’s mission is to build the world’s best leading online manufacturing platform that delivers quality parts. Delivered on time, to spec and at the fair price. The manufacturing industry has been long stuck in its old ways of “this is how its been done” and Geomiq is here to change that. Established industries such as Banking/Finance, Transportation, Government institutions have been thought to be untouchable and couldn’t be disrupted, but today they are all under pressure from more intelligent systems that are more effective & affordable.
The team at Geomiq believes manufacturing is  experiencing the same shake-up, and the company is here to witness the transformation of the manufacturing industry as a whole. Online platforms data-driven systems and Artificial Intelligence is already driving manufacturing in this direction.
Wide Range of Industries 
As Geomiq provides CNC machining, Injection Moulding, Sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing services, it can cover a wide range of industries. The company’s customers are from a wide range of industries, from toys to high-performance motorsports parts. Its network of manufacturing partners gives the company the flexibility of working with a variety of industries