Caava Design: Bringing Brand, Interactive, and Packaging Experiences to Life

When it comes to communicating any brand message, design becomes the most valuable medium for businesses to reach out to their target audience. Design is the fundamental tool for helping people connect and communicate effectively, believes Caava Design, a multi-disciplinary graphic design company based out of San Diego. Caava Design enables their clients to communicate their unique vision through art and form. The company believes that a combination of asking the right questions, strategic thinking, and simple, functional design enables brands to effectively tell their visual story.
For Caava, design is more than just making things look great. The team at Caava Design is passionate about taking concepts, ideas, and emotion and translating them into memorable and captivating visual experiences that deliver a return on investment. The company’s name is derived from the Finnish word, kaava, sole meaning: formula or pattern. Their formula for compelling design is rooted in what they believe, enjoying the journey and always seeking to cultivate and grow.
Bespoke and Holistic Solutions 
Caava approaches every client as if they know nothing about them, and they never make assumptions about what they think they need. Through a series of hands-on workshops, asking a lot of questions, and analyzing marketplace competitors, the company develops a bespoke, holistic solution for their customers that blends logic, art, and purpose that will differentiate and sustain them. Their wide range of services includes brand development, building complex backend systems, and package designing.
Exemplifying Creative Leadership
Caava Design is led by their Creative Director, Cody Small. When it comes to design, Cody believes that form follows function. Every element used to compose a final product must have a purpose. If one can’t argue the reason for any particular piece of a design, then it needs to be removed. He has built a small, talented, agile, and powerful team that allows Caava Design to be incredibly efficient and effective in their work. He believes in hiring people that are driven, and not only talented, but are experienced in running their own freelance businesses so that they are able to understand the components of running a business and the value of wearing multiple hats. As for the work and the industry, Cody believes that creating great work and things of value begets more work. People and businesses are attracted to passion. By looking at Caava’s work, anyone can see that the company loves what they do and take great pride and painstaking detail in creating beautiful, functional things. These things lead to allowing new opportunity and prosperity in people’s lives – be it the client or consumer. Caava’s competition isn’t with others in the industry; it is with yesterday Caava’s achievements. It is always a goal for the company to be better than their former selves on each project.
A Team of Tinkerers and Inventors
Caava’s solutions are never “one size fits all”. The company finds the greatest need and greatest weakness and turns that into opportunity. They are not a high-volume production house. Every project receives a massive amount of attention, care, and obsession. They don’t stop thinking about a project as soon as 5 o’clock rolls around. People at Caava are tinkerers and inventors and each challenge or puzzle that presents itself becomes a fun game to solve for them. This yields measurable results for their clients, which is the bottom line goal for every project.
Creativity Can Solve Anything 
According to Caava Design, typically, budget or material limitations are the growing challenges a company would face while providing packaging design services. A client always needs to be practical and smart when it comes to cost-per-unit. Anyone can create a beautiful package that is expensive to produce. The magic happens when one is able to create a package that is cheap to produce, but looks expensive and high-end. That’s the challenge Caava loves and have become quite seasoned in executing. They work hand-in-hand with the right production vendors, being present through the entire process from concept to physical completion. By using creativity and experience, they are able to work within their client’s production budgets to achieve the greatest return on investment possible. In addition, through market testing and feedback, they continually analyze how to make a product better and cheaper to produce.
In the opinion of Caava, the future of design industry is full of opportunities, as it will enable the company to invent new things, solve complex problems, and live out their belief, “creativity can solve anything”.
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