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Bingo Everyone’s Favorite Numbers Game.

Bingo is an age-old game because it is so easy to play. All there is to it is a player uses a card marked with numbers to match the numbers that are called out in the classic game or appear on the screen for online versions. If they get a line of numbers or all the numbers on the card they win. The numbers are called out by a caller and picked randomly.

Amazing Origins of Bingo.
The first bingo game was believed to have been devised in Italy sometime around the early 1500s and was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” a version of which is still played today in parts of Italy.
The bingo game then took off in the 1930s and was originally called “beano” beano” because players had to use beans to cover the called-out numbers. This was in an era when fluffy big markers weren’t invented. Beano became Bingo because the story goes that a winner shouted “bingo” in her excitement and it kind of stuck when anyone got “House” and won the jackpot.
You probably think the game is the domain of older retired ladies, but it’s seeing its popularity grow amongst men with a doubling of male players between 2020 and 2021 and as more people are spending time away from the office with remote working or 4 day work weeks there is more leisure time for online entertainment.
Bingo Sites Still Lag Behind Slot Websites.
While bingo is hugely popular in the UK and other countries such as Canada, slot sites still lead the popularity stakes. This is down to the best UK slot sites offering popular slot games such as 3D slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots, and for the lucrative welcome bonuses which can include free spins and match deposit bonuses.
If you are looking for the best slot websites in the UK or elsewhere, make sure you use a slots comparison site such as WhichBingo. You can quickly identify the best online slots websites in the UK, and those that offer the best bonuses and promotions. Plus, at the best UK slots sites, you will find quicker payouts, more payment options, and a better quality of customer support.
Also, make sure that any slot site is regulated by the UKGC and clearly states the RTP (return to player percentage) of its slot games.
Bingo in Canada.
A Canadian company called Clipwire developed one of the all-time biggest grossing and popular online bingo games Bingo Story 5 years ago. This game has ranked consistently in the Top 10 list of Board Games in 85 countries on the Android platform and in 20 countries for IOS gamers.
Founded in 2010, Clipwire’s success and company culture has made it a Great Place to Work in Canada and the CEO Ritesh Khanna, puts their success down to making the workplace fun and positive for designers and developers. He adds that giving the employees opportunities for learning and creativity helped Clipwire create such a popular game as Bingo Story.
In February of 2020 they partnered with Applovin, a mobile gaming company, to develop more games that they hope will be as successful as Bingo Story. Since the start of the partnership, revenue has already shot up by more than 500%.
Playing Numbers.
In the UK over 3 million players play the game on a daily basis or at least once a week. Spending over 900m pounds in 2020.
In America, players spend upwards of $90 million on the game every week.
In online bingo games, a piece of software is used to generate the numbers at random. These have to be tested and certified to preserve the integrity of the game. The lines can be a straight or diagonal line or if the player gets all the numbers on his card, he shouts Bingo and collects the jackpot. If 2 shout it simultaneously which can happen, they share the winnings.