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Tips to Help You Budget for a Room Remodel

If you are thinking about sprucing up one or several rooms in your house, the first step is to set your budget. While this isn’t the most exciting part of the process, you want to make sure you don’t overspend. Along with planning your budget, you have to figure out where the funds will come from, whether it’s your savings, a one-month payday loan, or a bonus from work. Keep reading for some tips to help you with the budgeting process.

Plan Your Dream Remodel for the Space

Before looking at any specifics, plot out a general idea of what you want the space to look like when the work is done. Take time to write down what rooms you plan to redo and your goals for the project.

For example, do you just want to change the color scheme, or do you have more involved structural redecoration projects planned? The key is to remember this is a rough draft, and everything on your list will ultimately depend on what your budget allows.

Select the Furniture and Décor

The furniture and décor you choose for the remodel will help breathe new life into the space. However, trying to overhaul a whole room of furniture and décor will be expensive. Take a close look at the rooms you plan to redecorate. Are there pieces you want to keep in place or build around, or is your goal to start from scratch?

Begin the process of selecting furniture and decorative elements. This is just to give you an idea of how much the project may cost; it is not a list of essential items. Be sure you keep a realistic and open mind as you make your list.

Look at Your Current Financial Situation

Is your dream remodel realistic based on your financial situation? You can spend almost any amount of money on a remodel, so you need to be smart. If your wishlist is a bit too pricey, consider taking a few things off to make it more affordable. Take your wishlist and separate the items into essentials’ and non-essentials. There’s a good chance you can reduce the price to make the remodel more affordable.

Determine Your Budget and Start Saving

A loan may be a great option if you want to do the remodel now and you don’t have the money saved. However, if you can play the long game, know your budget, and save to get the room you really want. You can even buy a few pieces at a time until you have everything you want for the project. While this does take a bit more time, it can help you avoid going into debt.


If you are ready to revamp your space, it’s a good idea to use the tips and information above to have a plan for this. Doing so will pay off and help ensure you don’t overspend on the remodel.