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Timeshare Amid the Pandemic: How to Handle It Smartly

Timeshare Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of human existence, from life at home to work arrangements and even holidays. Travel plans took a hit in 2020, and you may not expect to take a vacation this year as well. The new normal is here for the foreseeable future, at least till a large part of the population gets the vaccines.
Even as it happens, the financial crunch may affect your vacation plans. If you own a timeshare, planning an exit may be the best bet right now because the annual maintenance fees can blow up your budget. Alternatively, you can handle them wisely to address the burden of ownership. Here are some ideas that can help.
Ask for a break
Even before you consider opting out, you may want to explore the idea of a break from the expense. Some contracts let you rent the timeshare for a couple of years, which is a smart move if you don’t want to give up immediately. You can discuss the option of deferring payments with the developer. They may probably agree to do it in the current circumstances as the industry is under immense stress. Retaining the customer might seem like a better option to them, and they may give you the flexibility to take a break and clear the payments once things get better.
Opt out right away
If the idea of paying hefty annual maintenance fees for a property you don’t plan to use sounds daunting, opting out is the best bet, and this is probably the right time to do it. You will be concerned about how to get rid of a timeshare for good. Fortunately, it is easier than you imagine. You can collaborate with a timesharing cancellation company to streamline the process and close the contract at the earliest. Since there are plenty of scammers around, you must pick one carefully. The best way to assess the credibility of the provider is by going through reviews from first-hand clients because they will have honest opinions to share.
Stop your payments
It is a stressful time for everyone as pay cuts and job losses are rampant. Selling your timeshare or cancelling the contract isn’t an overnight task. But bearing the burden of expenses may be impossible till you close things. The only option you have in such a situation is to default on mortgage or maintenance payments. It isn’t a choice if you cannot afford to pay due to financial hardship. Since timeshare is a legal contract, you can expect the financial consequences of default. It can hit your credit score and eventually result in foreclosure due to non-payment. Defaulting payments should be the last resort when nothing else works out.
A timeshare investment can be a real burden in pandemic times and opting out seems to be the best thing to do for most owners. The best way you can do it is by finding a cancellation company that can assist you with a speedy and seamless closure.

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