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4 Reasons why online casino startups should consider Curacao license.

One of the fastest-growing industries all around the world is the online casino market.

Every year, hundreds of operators, both global and local ones join the markets in different countries. More companies and individuals are also starting up online casino brands. The competition in the market is increasing daily.
If you’re also interested in starting up an online casino brand, there are some steps you must take. One of the most important steps is securing a gaming license from a reputable gambling regulator. These gambling regulators determine how and to what jurisdictions their license holders can offer online cas-ino services.
However, the process of acquiring some gambling licenses may be quite difficult, especially for small businesses and startups. They require a lot of documentation and several weeks or even months of processing. But of all the reputable gambling regulators, the Curacao eGaming Authority stands out. Unlike other licenses, it is fast and easy. For this reason, it is a great choice for online casino startups who want to get their businesses running fast and efficient.
Why you should get a license.
You might be wondering if you really need to get a license. Why not just start the casino site and start inviting players? These are questions asked by newbies in the industry.
Without a valid gambling license, your cas-ino will be considered illegal and blacklisted on many platforms online. The lack of a casino license will also limit regions where you can offer your services. If you want to operate in a particular region, you must hold the license from the gambling authority that covers that nation or jurisdiction.
Furthermore, it would be difficult to work with third parties such as gaming providers and payment processors. Reputable third parties would consider unlicensed casinos as scam platforms and would not want to partner with them.
A valid license would help you gain the trust of these third parties and even customers. Players would freely sign up to your casino as they would see it as trustworthy.
Advantages of the Curacao license
Now that we’ve established why you need a license, let’s discuss the reasons Curacao eGaming Authority is good for your new business. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Easy and fast

The Curacao eGaming license is one of the easiest licenses to secure. The application process is straightforward and does not involve a lot of paperwork. If your documents and every other thing is in place, you get the license in just two working days.
It eliminates the unnecessary waiting periods and tedious process by other gambling authorities. With this, you can start your online casino business in just a few weeks.
The license is also easy to maintain. You will have to keep records of finances, follow safe and responsible gambling rules, and also ensure your firm’s terms of service and description is always up to date.

  • Affordable license fee

Compared to other gambling regulators like the UKGC and MGA, it doesn’t cost so much to secure the Curacao license. The renewal and annual fees are also very affordable. This makes it good for startups as they can focus more of their capital on developing the casino rather than on licensing.

  • Low tax rate

Taxation is virtually non-existent for online casino operators in Curacao. They enjoy a 2% corporate tax and 0% VAT. This helps to give startups the possibility of running at low costs during the first few years of operation. And as the gambling company grows, you may secure licenses from other regulators to spread into their regions.

  • The Curacao license covers unregulated market.

One of the biggest advantages of the Curacao license is that it caters for offshore gaming. Online casinos that hold the license can operate in countries without online gambling policies. This explains why many reputable Indian online casinos hold the Curacao license.
For example, Casino Days, a well-known Indian casino with thousands of games, makes use of the Curacao license. Other great Indian casinos such as JeetWin and Pure Casino also hold the license.
With the numerous advantages of the Curacao license, it’s one to consider for new businesses. In fact, it is currently the perfect choice for startups looking for a cost-effective, speedy, and trustworthy license.

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