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The Ultimate Guide To Obtain a Europe Residence Permit

You’ve decided to move to Europe. There are so many countries to choose from, a wide variety of cultures, you may get to learn new languages and connect with people you may not have met elsewhere. Once you have that residency permit you can travel to numerous other countries within the European Union and perhaps even farther a field. I’m pretty sure these are some of the factors that came to mind and ultimately led to your decision to uproot yourself from your present location and sprout new roots across the pond.

Your mind’s made up and now what’s left is to figure out exactly how to get your hands on that permit.

Hello Portugal

Hello Portugal
If you have never before considered Portugal as the key to your goal, you will after this. Located on the southwest side of Europe, Portugal is a not-so-hidden gem. It boasts both summer and winter climates, fine dining, local wines to die for, bustling nightlife, quiet and romantic avenues for lovers and big avenues for investment. Talk about burying the lead. Through such investments made available by the Portugal Golden Visa Program you can, in a relatively short space of time, become a holder of a European resident permit. With a name like Golden Visa you can just tell how sought after it must be. And in fact, it is. It has been recognized as the most favored scheme in all of Europe because of the value of what is being offered and the many benefits which are attained by the investor. Portugal in general is greatly sought after for investment opportunities.
In exchange for what you seek, you must put forth and maintain an investment for five years. If it creates at least ten jobs for the locals, it is considered a success. This may sound much simpler than it truly is though, so do not underestimate the work you would need to put in. Conversely, you may choose to invest at least three hundred fifty thousand euros toward research endeavors or acquire real estate for the same minimal amount.
Real estate may be nothing you’ve ever seriously thought about or delved into. The amazing thing is that you need not have any actual experience with managing or selling real estate to choose this type of investment. Of course, I would not leave you believing that you need to struggle to sustain such an investment yourself. No, partner with the adept specialists such as those of the Mercan group, who have decades of experience in investments and project development.
I don’t know how much of a humanitarian you may be but helping to bolster a country’s economy, and giving back while you gain by providing jobs for hundreds touches a soft spot in my heart.
To even qualify for this program, you need to be 18 and older, the holder of a valid passport, Not a European citizen, and submit to regulations of the local health insurance policy. A bonus is that your permit can be extended to your children less than 18 years of age, children over 18 and up to 26 who are pursuing education, spouse and your parents and parents of your significant other. How awesome is that! Use it to travel hassle free throughout the European, Schengen Area and the Eurozone.
Another clause in your investment venture is that you will be required to spend seven days in the country during the first year of investment and subsequently 14 days every couple of years. You will need to adhere to this so that your visa can be renewed without issue. This is hardly a sufferable request. If your investment proves successful for five years, you are then free to apply, along with your dependents, for citizenship and or permanent residence in Portugal and the EU. Note also, that along with a citizenship application, a standard language test is conducted. So be sure to practice your Portuguese!

Lawyer Up

No no, not for any shady reason. You will need a lawyer simply to ensure everything is done and filed properly. An attorney can also provide you much needed advice on how to make proper investments. If you are not versed in such things, trust a professional who is. You will be given counsel such as never use borrowed money and choose to invest in businesses over the stock market.
Let me take you through the basic steps of the application process.

  • Get your tax ID number also known as NIF
  • Choose your investment
  • Gather all required documents to include a certificate of character from your local police and full medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Portugal. Have these translated into Portuguese
  • Submit golden visa application and pay relevant fee
  • Be on the lookout for virtual confirmation from the SEF
  • Secure Schengen visa
  • Set date for in person interview

All steps, save the last, can be done online.

Family Ties

This is another way to get yourself that permit you so desire. Is your significant other from Europe, what about your ancestors? Grandma and grandpa could help you out with that. No? Single? Well, out of luck with this option.

Don’t be led astray

You may be drawn in by talks or readings about income based visas as a means to get
A European resident permit. No. That is flat out inaccurate. No income based visa allows you to travel freely through Europe. You would be bound by law to the country issuing said visa. In addition to your legs being tied, your hands will also be as you will not be allowed to work but to rely on sources of passive income for self-sustenance.
A totally inviting and simple process has been detailed for you and mental internalization. Portugal not only offers you the avenue for investments that generate considerable returns, it invites you to partake and immerse yourself in all that it and the European, Eurozone and Schengen Area by extension have to offer. Exceptional healthcare, Free education opportunities and a passport that ranks within the top five in the world. You get more than you bargained for, in the best way.