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Canada to Help India With 10 Million Canadian Dollars as Pandemic Response

As per report, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the Canadian government is sending 10 million Canadian dollars ( ₹60 crore) to India to help with the buying of ambulances and necessary medical requirements, to support New Delhi’s fight against a record surge in Covid-19 cases.
The funds will be provided to the Canadian Red Cross, which will later transfer it to the Indian Red Cross Society.
“It’s something the Canadians are extremely concerned about as we see the terrible and tragic images coming out of India. We know we have to be there for our friends,” Trudeau said on Tuesday.
The decision came after Canada’s foreign minister Marc Garneau and India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar Trudeau spoke on Tuesday over Ottawa’s assistance during the rising crisis.
Trudeau said “We are there to support in any way we can, and those conversations are very much ongoing.”
Also, there will be a package, from Canada’s emergency stockpile, of physical materials which will include oxygen concentrators, ventilators and pharma products as Ottawa has guaranteed India during a dialogue between the governments of its commitment to render all support possible.
Meanwhile, Canada’s international development minister Karina Gould said, “Canada stands with the people of India as they go through these difficult times. This funding will help meet some of the most urgent medical needs like purchasing and distributing essential supplies as well as supporting vital blood and ambulance services.”

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