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The Full Lowdown on Smart Home Automation

Slowly but surely, smart technology is becoming a staple feature in more households than ever before. From watches to refrigerators to TVs, connected technology has been seen as the future of all consumer technology.

But what exactly is smart home automation, and where does its appeal lie? More importantly, why is smart technology spurring a domestic revolution, as opposed to being just another temporary fad?

Smart Home Automation Explained

As the name suggests, “smart home technology” refers to any kind of electronic device or appliance with in-built “smart” features. These features vary significantly from one product to the next – anything from programmable shutoff times to remote activation to reduced energy consumption.

In short, they are the new-generation versions of the devices and appliances we have come to count on over the course of several generations.

With smart automation, households can interact with a wide variety of devices via centralized controllers or connected devices like smartphones. Some use the home’s existing Wi-Fi router, while others – like the Evvr Zigbee 3.0 In-Wall Smart Relay Switch, which works even with no neutral wire – create their own independent “mesh” network.

The benefits of the latter are more seamless and reliable performance due to the system not being reliant on an active Wi-Fi signal.

Devices that can be integrated into a smart home technology system include thermostats, alarm systems, light switches and bulbs, video surveillance systems, automatic blinds, home cinema systems, and even smart refrigerators. 

Why is Smart Home Automation a Big Deal?

Smart technology can be used with a variety of aims in mind, such as boosting home security or looking after elderly/disabled persons more effectively. But for the vast majority of people, it is simply about boosting accessibility, convenience, and enjoyment of the devices that support their lifestyles.

Technically speaking, the most popular examples of smart devices and controllers on the market are entirely optional. You do not need them in the conventional sense of the word, but it’s difficult to imagine going back after bringing them into the home.

Of the dozens of different device types currently finding their way into millions of homes worldwide, the following are the most popular by far:

Smart Lighting Technology

Simply by swapping out one or more existing light switches for the Evvr Zigbee IRS mentioned above, you gain comprehensive control of all aspects of your home’s lighting system.

This includes things like brightness levels, the color, and temperature of the light, activation/deactivation cycles, and so on; all controllable remotely via your smartphone; or if preferred, by way of voice commands using a smart home assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.

There is something uniquely satisfying about telling your lighting system what to do and watching it happen, the ultimate in hands-free convenience while taking the concept of mood lighting to an entirely new level.

Smart Thermostats

Believe it or not, it was actually the smart thermostat that kick-started the whole smart technology movement. These were the devices that first made their way into households en masse, with the aim of helping their occupants improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

The basic principles of the traditional smart thermostat form the foundation of today’s more advanced devices. They can be interacted with and controlled remotely, allowing the user to check temperatures, turn the heating system on or off and even measure indoor air quality.

Customizing settings for different times at day and night can also help keep energy consumption under control, leading to significant savings throughout all four seasons.

Security Systems

The smart technology of the moment for many households is the connected Security System. Smart doorbell cams, in particular, are proving incredibly popular, enabling the user to see who’s outside their home in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Smart security devices can be programmed to trigger alerts when an unusual activity or movement is detected or start recording footage when someone enters the vicinity. They can even support real-time two-way voice communication via in-built speakers and microphones.

Automated lighting can also play an important role in boosting home security, giving the impression you’re present when you’re actually away.

Home Cinema and Audio

Smart home cinema and audio systems are popular for reasons that are fairly obvious. Anything that makes the home cinema experience more immersive and enjoyable will always be welcome.

This kind of smart home automation is more about convenience than anything else. At the touch of a button, you can activate your home entertainment devices and your preferred settings via your smartphone. Or to set the mood for the perfect movie atmosphere by controlling your home lighting using a smart home assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.
Setting up a multi-room entertainment system can be particularly rewarding, enabling you to continue listening to your playlists when moving from one room to the next. Smart technology can also be great for indecisive types, as you can always ask your voice assistant for its recommendations and discover something new.

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