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Technologies Giving Radical Changes to Business World

New technologies, inventions, better and efficient tools are getting developed every day. New inventions are setting bars for upcoming ones and let the process going on. If we see the past events, some inventions have changed the world such as the light bulb, telephone, steam engine, internet, and penicillin. These inventions have become inventions of the century and getting upgraded and becoming more useful than ever before. In the present time, there are some inventions changing the world and reveal a new form of technology and offers seamless possibilities. Here are some inventions, which are proved to be a revolution in the future for the world.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI is the most influential technology in the present time. Industries like healthcare, Automotive, Finance, and marketing are spending a large amount of money on R&D in order to evolve and upgrade. AI has changed the human perception towards the machine and its traditional working way.
There are endless possibilities to achieve with the help of AI. In automation, the driverless car is not an imagination anymore. Thanks to AI, driverless car would be possible in the near future that will evolve automotive industry immensely. Same as automotive, AI has evolved finance industry by predicting risk; help in management and by maintaining accounts. Healthcare industry is now choosing more advanced equipment to avoid any injuries. The robotic machine is now shaping the healthcare industry by AI. These are some examples where AI is presently leading and providing exceptional support and improvement.
Block chain- It came into light back in 2008. The main purpose of this technology is to decentralize the account ledger and its information so it is available widely. In the blockchain, the root information passes but can’t be tempered so it has its own authentication and integrity. The technology of blockchain is mostly used for bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency. It is the medium through which cryptocurrency records and transacts.
Blockchain has so much to offer such as transparency in accounts, security, and it has accessibility by any individual regarding account and transactions which is the most approachable thing in the business sector. The major impact of this technology will be on insurance, bank and trading sector where it would help to reduce fraud and bring transparency in consumer’s actions.
Deep Learning- Deep learning is the field of study in machine learning. It uses the neural network which is the brain for the computers. With the help of neural networks, a machine could be trained and worked as a human and possess the same intellectual and logical pattern as humans have to analyze things.
Deep learning can be misunderstood with AI. AI has the very broad area in which machine learning also included and deep learning an updated form of machine learning. Deep learning is giving exceptional results in voice recognition, image recognition, and natural language processing. Google assistance is one of the examples of deep learning.
Cloud Storage- Data is the new oil. Every industry and companies are directly or indirectly collecting the massive amount of data. Companies are taking data as their asset, so losing or breaching in data would not be acceptable. However, there is lots of capital investment needed in machinery and equipment to maintain this collected data. Due to the involvement of high investment and maintenance companies are approaching to cloud storage providers. The cloud storage providers are work on providing backup, reducing data loss risk and security to data breaching.
Cloud computing is becoming a major thing, IOT is now everywhere and everything is affected by it. Amazon Web Service (AWS), Kamatera, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Adobe are few disruptors who are leading in cloud computing services and advancing the technology constantly. The scope of cloud services in the future is high, the development of technologies like AI and automation will lead to more data mining for the companies and cloud services will answer for it.
Digital Twin- Digital Twin is an excellent example of revolutionary technology. As by its name, it refers to a digital replica of something. Digital twin is the technology which digitally replicates people, equipment, process, and places as well. It can help to understand the difference between the current and former situation of anything. Assembling with lots of sensors digital twin shows the objects properties including shape, position, gesture, status, and motion.
Digital twin brings disruption in many industries, Healthcare, manufacturing, and automobile are some of them. Healthcare industry is evolving faster than any other industry. To provide the best solution to the patient digital twin would be more helpful. Same as healthcare, manufacturing, and automobile industries are also involving digital twin into their R&D programs. Tesla and Volkswagen have already used it. Volkswagen used it to create the 3d model prototype of their cars and Tesla is already using it in every electric car is manufactured.
These are the cutting edge technologies with high impact on business, manufacturing, marketing and any other sectors. Some of these technologies are in their early phase, like Deep learning and digital twin but still has a surprising effect on the market. However, it takes time to reveal the full potential of any invention, there is always something new to offer by upgrades. These are the technologies which have impacted leading industries and have much to offer in the future.

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