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The 10 Best Work from Home Jobs

Gone are the days when you had to go to the workplace and work for at least 40 hours a week. Nowadays advancement in technology is allowing people to opt for the work at their convenient time and place. This work arrangement is creating a new breed of a workforce which is tech-savvy and is not bound by traditional silos. In fact, they find solace through working from home rather than a conventional office.
Contemporary studies have also confirmed that work from home shows a rise in productivity and lessen stress levels. This work arrangement is an advantageous deal for employers too. As employees will be working from home, employers will be able to reduce their expenses. The critical aspect of this work arrangement is to select your appropriate job area and put your best efforts into it.
That being said, we have acquired the 10 best work from home jobs for you so you can remain independent and work at your convenience.

  • Translator

If you have fluency in at least two languages, then it is the best freelance job for you. This job profile will ask you to translate files and various resources. Make a note that, sometimes translating can become a challenging task as you need to consider culture differentiation as well. Some companies ask for a bachelor’s degree while others do not hesitate to hire novices.

  • Customer Service Representative

Organizations are in constant search of potential candidates who can talk and at the same time work on the computer. They need a customer service representative to assist their consumers via telephone and to carry out tasks such as answering queries, orders, returns and so on. As these enterprises have taken their commerce online, they need enthusiastic, fresh and ready to help people who can work from home.
If you have those required skills, then this is the job for you.

  • Virtual Assistance

This job profile may sound similar to the customer service representative, but it is not. This job profile deals with routine office duties like answering emails, handling calendars, entering data and support via social media. Small and mid-size corporations cannot afford permanent employees. That is the reason why they search for talent who can do their administrative work remotely.
If you possess potential to handle the administrative work, then this is the best freelance job for you.

  • Web Developer

Nowadays every business needs websites to reach their potential consumer. They also need an expert to update that website. This is where a web developer comes into the action. Building a website from scratch is an art. There are a lot of people in the market searching for skilled web developers. If you have a creative mind and possess web developing skills, you can grab the opportunity by applying to this fantastic job profile.

  • Transcriber

Want to make quick bucks online? Here is a job which asks you to listen to audio files and write down what you hear. You may describe this job profile as ‘too good to be true.’ But it is true! Moreover, transcription companies also hire inexperienced candidates as well. So, if you are looking to start as a freelancer, this is the easiest job you can start with.

  • Writer/Editor

As digitization infiltrated into various sectors, enterprises have gone online to meet the expectations of the new era. This had created vast opportunities for freelancers who wish to write and create new online content. Various companies are outsourcing their work and looking for creative and efficient writers who can transmit their information to the consumers.
If you have a passion to write news articles, generate content and if you love to play with words then stop worrying and start writing!

  • Graphic Designer

There is a dire need of skilled individuals in the market, who can design company logos, websites and create attractive visual ads. If you are a qualified graphic designer and also know how to use software like Adobe Photoshop to edit photos or design custom graphics, then you can expect that you will not run out of clients or jobs. While your earning will vary according to your expertise and experience, there is a constant need for graphic and design now that we’re in the digital age.

  • Social Media Manager

As mentioned earlier, companies are eager to create their online footprint. They find social media as the fastest interactive platform which connects them to the consumers. Therefore, a social media manager can increase the visibility and growth of a brand with the help of his/her skills such as research, photography, data collection, writing, editing and marketing. Therefore, if you possess a knack for social media then you can easily create social media strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat and other social media platforms and become a successful online social media manager.

  • Corporate English Trainer

There is a huge demand for excellent English communicators in the market.
This is mainly because students all over the world are in dire need of English tutors who can speak with them and help them to improve the language. This process helps students to improve their communication. Therefore, if you have a command over English and can speak other languages then it is a wonderful opportunity for you.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Last but not least, Affiliate Marketing! This is the easiest way to earn a passive income in the online arena. You will need to create a website which will get you sufficient followers and would allow you to reach a wider network. After this, refer a product on your website to your audience. Whenever someone clicks on that advertisement and buys that product, you will receive a certain commission from that advertised company. So, if you have the content to attract visitors for your website then affiliate marketing can give you a considerable income.
Work from home is a wonderful concept. It provides an opportunity to balance work and life. To make this true, technology is also changing and keeps getting better day by day. With sufficient skills and passion, anyone can earn any number of amounts from home. As they say, ‘Sky is the Limit.’

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