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Lunarline: A Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions Company

For over 15 years Lunarline has delivered Solutions Built on Security® to over 500 clients in multiple federal and commercial sectors. Lunarline helps customers develop and deliver secure, resilient solutions to modern cyber challenges. Solutions provided span from cyber privacy workforce training/certifications, managed security, cyber hunt services, cyber/privacy program automation products, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and advanced technical testing.
A Visionary, Fiercely Loyal Leader
Waylon Krush is Lunarline’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. His defining leadership trait that shapes Lunarline’s culture is a fearless willingness to invest in his employees. He invests in their well-being, their personal and professional development and their ideas. As an example, every business unit at Lunarline started because an employee had an idea and pitched that idea to Waylon, who then empowered them to make that dream a reality. He also invests deeply in continuous education, training and community development. This includes an annual training conference for all employees and 24×7 access to a wealth of online training offered through the Lunarline School of Cybersecurity.
Propelling Work Culture with Creative Visions
Cybersecurity is one of tech’s most competitive fields. Creating an environment that fosters a creative, innovative approach to solving client challenges is how Lunarline stays on top of a constantly shifting cyber landscape. In addition to Lunarline-SCS, the company also stood up a 24x7x365 managed security and threat intelligence unit. This group creates opportunities for employees to play on the most advanced fields in the cybersecurity. Lunarline supports over 500+ clients in the intelligence, defense, federal civilian and private sectors, across over two dozen unique industries. Employees can easily move between client types and projects to build a breadth of experience that spans the cyber spectrum.
Growing a Community of Leaders Focused on Solving Cyber Challenges
As a solutions-focused company, Lunarline specializes in executing complex projects from kickoff through delivery. Lunarline’s Program Management Office (PMO) is the key to its ability to tackle modern cyber challenges on behalf of diverse clients. The PMO is staffed with elite operations, quality, HR, recruiting, finance and training personnel. One of their primary missions is to identify and prepare future leaders, equip them with the tools they need to be successful and then encourage their continued development. They also regularly communicate with staff across the organization to understand how they view Lunarline leadership. The PMO then uses that feedback to develop disciplined continuous improvement plans for all senior leaders.
Winning the Battle for Cyber Talent
The world today is in the middle of a global cybersecurity talent crisis. Recruiting in this environment requires a disciplined, innovative approach to talent identification and development. The company identifies individuals from an array of multidisciplinary backgrounds who are believed to have the aptitude to learn cyber skills. Then, with a combination of SCS training and certifications, mentoring, shadowing and on the job training they are built into true, technical cyber professionals.
Lunarline has learned that elite personnel are motivated by challenge, learning and exposure to unique experiences. The company rotates its employees through different clients and business units to keep them challenged. And we do all this while fostering an open, flexible, well-compensated work environment.
Safety Standards and Special Perks
Lunarline has one of the largest training and certification portfolios in cyber and privacy through the School of Cybersecurity and Cyber Certified Expert programs. This is a benefit that all Lunarline employees are eligible to partake in. Lunarline is thrilled to be one of the few companies who has established an annual training and certification conference in Orlando, Florida. Employees are invited to participate in the festivities, which include a holiday party and day trip to Walt Disney World. This experience is unique to Lunarline and elevates the typical “companywide training events” offered elsewhere. Apart from the special benefits, Lunarline also offers training and career advancement for all Veterans who are interested in cybersecurity through the partnership with the non-profit organization, Warrior to Cyber Warrior (
Groundbreaking Solutions to Modern Cyber Challenges
We fearlessly invest in solving tomorrow’s challenges.
The in-house Research & Development Team at Lunarline develops security automation tools that automate tasks to keep security professionals focused on improving security. Its cyber intelligence teams comb the Deep and Dark Webs to identify planned, ongoing and / or successful attacks against the clients to equip them with the real-time intelligence they need to fight back. The Managed Active Response Security (MARS) Team provides 24x7x365 incident detection and response support to clients around the world.
Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment
Lunarline has successfully created and maintained a workplace environment that is free of sexual harassment through the creation of policies that outline the ramifications of such actions. As an organization, the company follows a zero-tolerance policy for any sexual harassment behavior. Human Resources personnel observe an open-door policy, which invites employees to discuss any grievances they may have.
Realizing the Future of Security
Lunarline has invested significantly in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). By investing in ML and AI, Lunarline has grown its portfolio of solutions to help the staff and customers enhance their security and privacy. Recently, Lunarline has updated its workforce in cyber and privacy training capabilities, assessments, and cyber range. The cyber range is undergoing ANSI certification to include the multiple accreditations to our award-winning School of Cybersecurity (SCS) and Cyber Certified Experts (CCE) certification programs. This will help the company to ensure its staff, partners, and customer over the years will have the skills to continue to grow their cyber and privacy careers.