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Matt Rocco - President & CEO || Ronnie Mize - Chief Security Officer || Etech Global Services

Etech Global Services: Delivering Effortless, Exceptional, and Personal Customer Experiences

In recent times, there is a rising need for personalized and engaging customer experiences across business verticals. The platforms that facilitate transforming customer engagement into revenue opportunities and enhancing business growth are becoming more important. Etech Global Services unifies all customer engagement channels for better customer service experiences and helps them make well-informed decisions. It is a servant leader organization committed to making a remarkable difference for each other, its customers, and within its communities. It provides superior customer experiences and innovative solutions that enable clients to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships and gain market share.
Dynamic Leadership
At the helm of Etech are two dynamic leaders, Matt Rocco and Ronnie Mize.
Matt is the President /CEO of Etech Global Services since 2013. He is a 35+ years veteran of the call center / BPO industry. In the past 34 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. He is committed to sharing his experiences and helping others. In 2003, he was part of an investment team that started Etech Global Services, a multinational outsourcing organization. From its humble beginnings in Nacogdoches, Texas, Etech has grown to over 3,000 employees that provide world-class solutions to Fortune 500 companies from its locations in the US, India, and Jamaica.
As Etech’s Chief Information Security Officer, Ronnie is responsible for all aspects of information and corporate security and adherence to legislatively mandated privacy control standards. His extensive background in technology systems allows him to work closely with technology teams to create infrastructures and processes that maintain compliance with governance standards such as ISO 27001/27701, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, GDPR, etc. other Privacy controls.
A Leading Provider of Customer Engagement Solutions
Etech has been a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands since 2003.  The company started with just one contact center in the small town of Nacogdoches, Texas, with roughly 400 employees and now has taken leaps and bounds to become a global eight site company employing almost 3,000 people across Texas (Dallas, Lufkin, Rusk, & Nacogdoches), Florida (Palm Beach), Jamaica (Montego Bay), & India (Gandhinagar & Vadodara). All of this was accomplished with no mergers or acquisitions. The core team of Senior Management attributes this success to not just the services Etech offers, but most importantly, the culture Etech has ingrained into each one of its employees.
Making a Remarkable Difference with Phenomenal Experiences
Etech’s suite of services includes inbound and outbound customer care, quality monitoring/analytics, email, live chat, social media monitoring, customer care, technical support, back office, and software development. All of Etech’s services are derived with the common goal of “To make a remarkable difference and create a phenomenal customer experience for our clients and their customers.”
Currently, Etech partners with 47 clients and manages upwards to 100 million voice interactions, 25 million chat, and email interactions, and completes approximately 24 million quality monitoring evaluations per year.
Exemplifying Character Commitments
It is Etech’s people-first culture that has led the company to where it is today. Whether its customers are in Vadodara or Dallas, the culture remains consistent. One where creativity, accountability, and courage are encouraged from all team members. As part of its Executive Team’s strategy, it created a list of 12 Character Commitments that its clients see branded throughout its company. These are:

  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Communication
  • Positive Influence
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Teachability
  • Vision
  • Valuing-People

Etech’s success can be attributed to these 12-character commitments. They are the very foundation of the company. Regardless of position, each employee in the organization is trained and strives to exemplify these characteristics in everything they do.
People-centric Approach
Etech’s key differentiator from its competitors is its people. Etech invests heavily in not only training and developing its agents but also its leadership. The client’s mission, vision, and culture are instilled into the agents, and they become an extension of their brand. Its rigorous training programs are designed in such a way that the agents have full product knowledge before they even start interacting with the customers.
Below are its state-of-the-art units that keep Etech stay ahead of the curve:
Etech Insights
Etech’s Quality Monitoring division, Etech Insights, is innovative and unique in its approach to total quality management. It provides a creative combination of people, processes, and technology to deliver a quality experience that supports all facets of the business. Etech’s focus is to improve customer experience using the latest technologies. It combines human intelligence and the power of artificial intelligence to identify performance-enhancing behaviors and voice-of-customer insights that are not easily identifiable through traditional quality management. Its cutting-edge voice analytics software is combined with industry expertise to deliver a customer handling solution that incorporates agent coaching, business insights, and customer experience drivers into a 360-degree approach to quality. Etech leverages the expertise of Quality Management experts and Data Scientists, who specialize in listening with an analytical ear to find the heard and unheard performance factors in customer interactions.
Etech Technology Solutions
Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) is the trusted and globally accepted Technology Partner, serving multiple leading brands Worldwide. With a team of 150+ Members under one roof, the technical resources of ETS transform business requirements into reality. ETS delivers innovative technology solutions in the most secure environment empowering its customers to grow exponentially by converting data and insights into intelligence. Its service solution includes Website Development, Software Implementation, Enterprise AI Solution Development, Software & Product Development, IT Staff Augmentation Services, Application & Reporting Development, Database Administration, Corporate Security, Desktop Support, Network Administration, CTI, and Telecommunications Administration. Its service solution enables an organization to fully manage its infrastructure or allow its experienced personnel to manage the company’s technology to whatever extent is needed. Etech Technology Solutions provides 24/7/365 “Follow-the-Sun” support to its clientele. Its technical expertise provides customers with proactive and cost-effective solutions. These solutions help drive down the cost of technology while providing service and support that is among the best in the industry.
Having Compliance with Regulations
The growing need to comply with regulations related to data privacy, business security function, and IT infrastructure has compelled many organizations to adopt enterprise governance, risk, and compliance solutions. Etech has evaluated each line of business and documented all information types as well as how data flows throughout each system and where the data ultimately resides. It centers on governance controls that align with its business processes and data flow/types such as ISO 27001,27701, SOC2, HIPPA, etc.
Enlightening Younger Ones
While advising budding entrepreneurs and startups aspiring to venture into the Cybersecurity industry, Matt says, “Knowledge of the industry is paramount to being successful. When you are approaching a business from a cybersecurity perspective, it is important to understand the business and what you are trying to protect. There must be a balance between business productivity and security.”
“Sometimes we see where security controls are too tight and cripple the business. This could be more detrimental than a breach in some cases. On the other hand, security can be far too lenient, resulting in an attack being successful,” he concludes.