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LiveHire: Putting Talent First both Inside and Out

About the Company
LiveHire is all about changing the game when it comes to Talent Acquisition by putting candidate engagement at the heart of what they do.
Their next-generation ATS dramatically accelerates the end-to-end hiring process and boosts both candidate experience and employer brand.
Created in Australia and recently launched in the US, the award-winning company, who recently celebrated the milestone of 1 million Talent Community Connections on their platform, are right on the frontier of cloud-based sourcing, engagement, and hiring practices.
The LiveHire story began in 2012, when co-founders Antonluigi Gozzi and Dr. Michael Haywood found themselves identifying the same pressing problem.
An employment boom in Australia’s mining industry provided insight into the issue. Outdated recruitment practices led to candidates competing with thousands of others in an applicant process that turned people into faceless CVs and employers into automated, impersonal emails.
The net result was a demoralising candidate experience, employer frustration and a sizeable deficit between the talent the industry could mobilize and its existing workforce. What was also apparent was that this was inefficiency present not just in the mining industry, but across all industries in Australia.
Gozzi and Haywood arrived upon a solution; a cloud-based platform that would transform the hiring process from slow, impersonal, and expensive, to an authentic and efficient experience for both candidate and recruiter.
2-way direct communication via SMS with recruiting organisations and the scope to establish multiple connections via LiveHire’s Talent Communities affords candidates a fast and authentic customer experience that better reflects the nature of modern technological services.
On the recruitment end, the ability to access and track live data via LiveHire’s next- generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS), as well as interact with a multitude of candidates ahead of the hiring need, provides a huge boost to an employer’s brand, as well as reducing cost and time-per-hire.
The LiveHire way supplies the modern recruiter, and the modern candidate, with a modern ATS.
The People
“Our people are the most important asset to make all this happen. They design, create and deliver the technology that changes the recruiting game. This is also reflected in our values around client-centricity, collaboration, ownership, and curiosity.”
Finding Talent
At the heart of LiveHire’s search is finding talent that aligns directly with the company’s goals.
Whether it be someone responding to their own negative recruitment experience or someone who seeks to empower talent flow, believing in the central philosophy of candidate engagement and fluid talent acquisition is the key ingredient in sourcing a LiveHire employee.
LiveHire considers talent as its most useful resource, and as such offers outstanding compensation via a transparent framework for their employee equity program, which is revisited on a bi-annual basis.
LiveHire encourages creativity through employee monthly routines. Monthly meetings allow anyone in the business to present insights, thoughts, and ideas, by opening up the floor to the whole workforce to achieve impactful results.
In the interest of fostering strong bonds and clear channels, The LiveHire team uses a variety of different technologies to collaborate as a team. A presence across several major Australian cities is a hurdle easily cleared through regular video meetings and instant messaging, ensuring constant connectivity throughout the company.
LiveHire takes a zero-tolerance view on harassment, bullying and discrimination. When it comes to health, there’s a clear recognition that wellness is maintained in multiple ways. This is reflected in the LiveHire Flex program, which offers benefits such as self-care days and wellness bonuses.
LiveHire views each employee as a leader, and as such is committed to developing that aspect of their talent.
Each employee is given a licence to lead their own development to a certain degree, with potential assistance from the LiveHire growth budget.
Specialized coaching also exists as a viable option for those who wish to develop their leadership skills with expert assistance, as well as the use of off-site facilities to take leadership development into a new environment.
The key to fostering leadership in a workforce is strong leadership within the organisation, an aspect achieved at LiveHire by CEO and Executive Director Christy Forest.
A graduate of the University of Virginia and Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where she achieved her MBA, Ms Forest joined the LiveHire board in September 2017.
Arriving with significant experience accrued from her positions as the Global Head of Member Services, the first female on CEB’s Executive Committee, and as the MD APAC for CEB, Christy Forest has imbued a drive for performance and celebration of collective effort into the LiveHire set of values, and continues to lead the company’s ever-increasing growth.
The Verdict
“Everyone at LiveHire shares these values that we live and breathe.”
Considering the nature of LiveHire’s business, it goes without saying they view hiring the right people as fundamentally important. Both in terms of external and internal talent