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Talegent: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Human Potential

Headquartered in London, Talegent provides AI-Driven Video Based Assessments that optimise candidate experience in delivering analytics-informed decisions. Talegent delivers creative solutions for predicting human performance by combining the latest psychometric science, data analytics, and technology with design best practices to maximise engagement and predictive accuracy. These predictive tools are on a single platform and are agile to plug in throughout the candidate journey, optimising the hiring process to find the right candidate for the role and organisation culture fit. Talegent has 20+ partner distributors, with 1000+ client accounts, operating in 15 countries.
John Austin, the CEO and Founder of Talegent, is an Organisational Psychologist and International Executive with a proven record of establishing, leading, growing, and integrating successful cloud-based Talent Measurement businesses. He worked globally in USA, Europe and ASPAC for the global assessment provider SHL with 1,000 employees, growing it from its initial public offering and transitioning its assessment portfolio online.  He had a break from SHL and established a company, Talent Technologies, in Asia Pacific. After 6 years, this was purchased by SHL. Now, he is back into it once again with Talegent, where the focus is on the next generation of talent measurement technology.
Replicate then Innovate
A paradigm change is underway in the Talent Assessment space, with big data front and centre in the selection and development of employees.  Talegent is improving the effectiveness of traditional assessment measures by enhancing candidate experience, streamlining the application process, providing candidates with feedback, and shortening the actual measures as much as possible – whilst still maintaining psychometric validity.  Innovations in new talent assessment models include video based realistic job experiences, tracking candidate engagement, video interviewing, gamified assessment experiences and leveraging this data for valid and predictive modelling.
Gathering Predictive Selection Data in an Engaging Way.
Talegent’s Gamify is the first game-based simulation assessment measuring Learning Agility to predict performance and potential. This enables you to create a totally engaging candidate experience and communicate your unique brand and culture. Using sound psychometric science, it allows you to screen based on key competencies, including Learning Agility, EQ and Grit, that predict individual & team performance in the ever-changing world of work.
Global Talent Pool
John believes that the best talent is often sourced at graduate entry level rather than over-relying on candidate’s with experience that may no longer be relevant. Many of the team travel regularly, both domestically and internationally. Quarterly team events are held offsite to celebrate milestones achieved. Every team member has a 6 month development plan focussing on key competencies linked to organisational performance.
Quarterly Sprints
Rather than a financial year with a well-intentioned business plan that often gathers dust in the bottom draw, the focus at Talegent is setting and tracking quarterly goals by individual and team, using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Trackable) goals.  Team and individual compensation is linked to achieving these objectives quarterly. These are reviewed at Friday drinks and refreshments at 3pm.  It is also a great opportunity for team members from different disciplines including engineering, design, psychology, analytics, and sales to share and learn. Clients are often invited too.
Product Manager is the anchor
Never has the role of the product manager been more important, working with design, engineering and psychologists and ensuring data is safe and secure. With so many stakeholders to juggle, and candidates often doubling as clients, it’s critical that candidate experience does not take the back seat.
Future Ahead
John believes that leveraging big data and science alongside an engaging candidate experience holds a tremendous opportunity for employers to position their organisation as a Talent magnet by engaging with and identifying the very best candidates available. Enhanced data availability is changing the way talent is selected and developed. Technology can be leveraged to measure talent in new, convenient and unobtrusive views, thus enabling employers to select candidates that they would perhaps have never considered previously.