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Revenue Rocket Consulting Group: Helping IT Services Firms Optimize their Growth Strategies

The fastest path to growth is through mergers and acquisitions, and if you’re not participating in M&A, you’re leaving revenue on the table. Based on increased buyer interest, rising valuations, and the potential to get somewhere together that you can’t get alone, there has never been a better time to sell your business or buy another firm. But don’t attempt to go it alone, as the road to a successful deal is filled with unexpected turns. From origination through due diligence, you’ll want someone on your side that’s been at the table.
If you need that push, Revenue Rocket Consulting Group can help you to grow and secure in this situation. Revenue Rocket has helped over 200 firms with mergers, acquisitions, and growth strategies within the IT services market. Growth Strategy Development Based on Experience Based on Mike Harvath’s own experience, the firm started as an idea based on lessons learned from running and selling three IT services companies. When founding Revenue Rocket in 2001, his vision was to help as many owners of IT services and consulting companies globally as it could. Fast forward to 202; the company has worked with hundreds of firms in over 30 countries, helping execute M&A and growth strategy initiatives.
Revenue Rocket Consulting group has grown to become the premier advisory firm helping IT services companies optimizing their growth strategies. These strategies include acquiring adjacent service providers, expanding into new target markets, and strategically crafting new service offerings based on market needs and technology specialties.
Ability to Solve the Problem
It is important to note that while Revenue Rocket is a rapidly growing business, it is also a viable and profitable one. For the growing company to properly scale, it adjusted its strategy and execution into capturing new market share while adding resources to execute on the client commitments. Additionally, the organization practices what it preaches by focusing on a specific niche of IT services, productizing service offerings, and obtaining a leadership position within the market it serves.
Delivering High-Value Service
The programs Revenue Rocket offers for buyers and sellers of IT services and IT consulting companies and its proprietary SVP strategy transformation offering has proved to be the gold standard for the industry. Focus and a proprietary lens on each of the segments making up the industry provide the company an advantage over other advisory firms with a generic view of all markets. This has equipped Revenue Rocket with the tools and knowledge that translates to successful combinations for its buyers and sellers.
A Great Team
Revenue Rocket built a team of dedicated, diverse, and patient individuals. There’s high client loyalty and expertise within practice areas and vertical market needs. There is no question the company is active with deals and strategy engagements and continues to actively grow the business. It strives to create client value with empathy.
Keeping Clients Businesses Competitive
The luxury of perspective at Revenue Rocket is a core value for the firm. The luxury of perspective is the art of being able to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, using clients’ experience and the experience of those around them to clients’ advantage to create opportunity. It is constantly communicating with clients, competitors, and leaders to formulate its view. Being connected and relevant and focusing on the luxury of perspective helps the firm remain very competitive.
THE go-to guy for IT Services Firms, Resellers, and VARs
As the President and CEO of Revenue Rocket Consulting Group, Mike’s understanding and perspective on the dynamics of the software industry and channel participants is incredible. He is a great mentor, coach, and advocate for his team. His ability to solve the problem and brainstorm a wide array of issues delivers high-class service to the customers. He is a ‘pay it forward’ executive with a keen focus on giving back to the Technology Services business leaders in the industry.
Path to Sustainable Organic Growth
While advising the budding entrepreneurs, Mike says, “Take risks and focus on how you will get to profitability. A big miss with many entrepreneurs is they have a great idea and just want to get out and transact commerce. Don’t just grow for growth’s sake. One of the main objectives for business owners should be to create a sustainable, profitable business.”
“Be smart about how you grow, how you plan a path to profitability, and think about what an ultimate exit strategy means and what success means. Also, be flexible! Admit when you’re wrong, do things differently, and get the input of the team and outsiders,” he adds.
Next Evolutionary Step
In the next ten years, Revenue Rocket aims to be a $100 million firm operating in more countries and continue being the industry leader in its space. In 5 years, it aims at $50 million with a similar position. It is striving to be the leader not only in financial performance and market coverage but as it relates to being a trusted advisor for firms that need the company’s help to grow organically and inorganically.
Testimonials –
“Mike and his team were an excellent resource for us to know when to push and when to give in to the buyers on certain negotiation factors. Revenue Rocket knows what they are doing, especially in the Managed Services industry, and their years of experience helped us to ultimately arrive at a deal that was executable and favorable. We would highly recommend them for anyone looking to sell their business.”
“Revenue Rocket helped us develop a comprehensive strategy for geographic and vertical expansion. We’re putting the plan in place with much enthusiasm from our team, and we’re seeing results. I would strongly recommend Revenue Rocket.”