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Kim Clancy, Broker Owner, Mindful Mortgage Group

Kim Clancy

Two years into her career as a member of the wholesale channel, Kim Clancy has built her reputation and brand by becoming an expert in her local community’s unique housing needs. Clancy has also been on the cutting edge of maintaining a strong business structure during the pandemic through efficient use of modern technology and an effective hiring process that focused on finding the right people for the job.  
What interested you in starting a career in the mortgage industry? 
I was interested in the mortgage industry primarily because my mom was in and loved it.  
What’s a career highlight you’re most proud of? 
One of the career highlights that I’m most proud of was becoming my company’s top loan originator (with over 50 LO’s in the company) after only three years of being in the business. I’m also extremely proud of starting my own company and hiring six employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
What’s unique about your business? 
My business is truly belly to belly and “kissing babies”. My business is unique because I have built a solid reputation in my town and local area by being truly immersed in the community. I have donated a lot of my time and money back to my neighbors.  
What’s the biggest risk you’ve faced in your career? 
Going out on my own by starting my own mortgage company was the riskiest thing I’ve faced in my career so far.  
What is your business philosophy? 
I believe in treating people fairly and with kindness. My philosophy is give back more than you expect and you will get back more than you give.  
What are the biggest challenges facing mortgage brokers and what’s your advice for overcoming them? 
One of the biggest challenges that mortgage brokers face is building relationships from the ground up. It is hard to do and it takes a lot of time but you need to invest in that time in order to be successful. Mortgage brokers can overcome this by consistently showing up for your real estate agents and helping them to build their business.  
How do you see the mortgage industry evolving in the future? 
I believe that if you help people, they will always come to you. It’s not about making all the money, it’s about being present for people. In the future, mortgage professionals will need to be the family confidant to their real estate agents and clients in order to continue being successful.  
Why do you believe that brokers are better for consumers? 
I believe that brokers are better for consumers because we can find the best loan for a person that meets their specific needs.  
If you could go back to your first day in the industry, what advice would you give yourself? 
I’d give myself the advice to save more money and have an amazing database set up from day one.