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Stacy Catmull, Business Development and Loan Officer, Altius Mortgage

Stacy Catmull

Stacy Catmull joined the broker channel roughly 5 years ago, originally as a recruiter with no plans to originate her own loans. Little did she know that soon she would set a standard of excellence as one of the top loan officers to watch in our industry.  
What interested you in starting a career in the mortgage industry? 
Initially, I was brought into the mortgage industry as a recruiter. I never thought I had any interest in being a loan officer, but I got my license, and after my first loan I was hooked! Loans are so much fun, solving problems and helping borrowers with their dreams is addicting.  
What’s unique about your business? 
In this industry mindset is everything. If you have an abundance philosophy and believe deals will come, they will. Prospecting is all about adding value – value to your real estate partners, clients and the community. We work hard to bring value without expectation and value comes in return.  
What has been the most impactful change you’ve made over the course of your career? 
Building my team by bringing on my husband and my son as a loan originator assistant has made all the difference. I was nervous in the beginning to bring on help but once I released my fears of failure and switched to an abundance mindset, I realized that more help brings more deals.  
How do you approach mentorship with members of your team? 
First by practicing what I preach and never asking anyone to do what I am not willing to do myself. We are a goal-setting team and we believe in celebrating when we accomplish those goals.  
What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned during your time in the mortgage industry? 
This industry is about people and truly wanting the best thing for the person you are working with. Whether I am working for a client or recruiting a loan officer, I put them first.  
What’s the biggest risk/obstacle you’ve faced in your career? 
My biggest obstacle has been myself. Just overcoming my doubts and fears and building my belief. What I have learned looking back is that I overcame my weakness with sheer enthusiasm. “If you don’t feel enthusiastic, ACT enthusiastic. Double your enthusiasm and you will probably double your income.”  
Where do you turn for leadership advice? 
Other loan officers. I love the AIME platform for this reason! Anytime I have a question or feel like I am at my wit’s end I can turn to the network of AIME loan officers and get my questions answered and be motivated by other brokers in the industry.  
What are the biggest challenges facing mortgage brokers & what’s your advice for overcoming them? 
A changing market. Companies are introducing tech and low compensated loan officers and coming in and cornering the market. Being personally committed to your clients is how you overcome this.  
Why do you believe that brokers are better for consumers? 
As a broker, I get to be loyal to my client and not to my bank. I get to serve them with the best lender possible for their situation. As a broker, my clients come first!  
If you could go back to your first day in the industry, what advice would you give yourself? 
Give it your all and it will all work out.