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Jessica Ehler, Chief Operating Officer and Loan Officer for Ehler Lending Team of Price Mortgage

Jessica Ehler

Over the past 2 years, Jessica Ehler has established herself as one of the best closers in the wholesale channel who never quits fighting for her borrowers. She has further set a standard as one of the most prolific social media professionals in the industry known for her engaging video content as a member of the Ehler Lending Team of Price Mortgage.  
What’s a career highlight you’re most proud of? 
There are several, but being asked to speak at the Women’s Mortgage Network conference at AIME Activate and becoming a contributor for Mortgage Women Magazine really set my soul on fire.  
What’s unique about your business? 
My business is very personal to me and with that comes a level of service that I don’t think many people experience very often these days. My borrowers know that I care about them and will fight to the death to win in tough situations. I also tell it how it is and will never sugarcoat and hope to figure it out along the way to make a sale.  
What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your career? 
I am a natural introvert although nobody would know it. I force myself to get in front of the camera for video and to network with people even though it stresses me out. I used to cry every single time I got in front of a camera (for years!), but once I started acting like I was talking to a friend it got easier and now that is what I’m known for.  
Where do you turn for leadership advice? 
I have made many friends through AIME and Vetted VA. I turn to the “family” whenever I have a question and they are there to help. It’s amazing to know someone always has my back, even if they are technically my competition. I also have an amazing broker owner who is one of the smartest people I have ever met (shouts to Andy Price).  
What is your business philosophy? 
Do your best and be your best. Each day that may look different, but I’m always going to give everything all that I’ve got and if one day I don’t have the fire, that’s okay. Maybe it will be there tomorrow – I’ll keep trying. Either way, never have any regrets.  
How do you see the mortgage industry evolving in the future? 
It will definitely become more automated, but that’s where I think businesses like mine will have an extra chance to shine. Sure, some people will be drawn in by a crazy low rate, push buttons and a 90-day turn time, but there will be plenty of consumers who want my experience and personal touch.  
If you could go back to your first day in the industry, what advice would you give yourself? 
You aren’t going to know everything on day one and that is okay. Surround yourself with the best and soon enough you’ll become the best