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HubSpot Pricing and Comparison with Other Alternatives

HubSpot is a superb inbound sales and marketing software designed for businesses looking to attract new customers and customers using proven technology. Looking for alternatives to HubSpot is pretty common in online businesses because getting more leads is the name of the game. HubSpot pricing is something that makes it not easy to use for all customers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of what I think are the best HubSpot alternatives. They all offer similar tools and services for inbound sales and marketing efforts. Read on to understand which one might be right for you. Complex HubSpot pricing isn’t the only reason to look for a replacement.

  1. EngageBay:

EngageBay aims to provide a more affordable alternative in reference to HubSpot pricing. Yes, it is. EngageBay offers CRM functionality for free, but the number of contacts is limited. That said, EngageBay is more than just a CRM. It’s an all-in-one CRM and marketing solution that can generate, attract, and retain leads. EngageBay consists of three modules:

  • Marketing Bay
  • CRM and Sales Bay
  • Service Bay

EngageBay’s lead generation features include customizable landing pages, optimized forms, pop-ups, and live chat. You can then grow these leads across multiple channels, such as email marketing automation. Support services and live chat features are also available to the support team, including the ability to create and share detailed customer profiles.
EngageBay aims to provide businesses with the same tools as HubSpot but at a lower price than HubSpot pricing. Its all-in-one solution includes a freemium plan, which can save you a lot of money by paying annually or two years in advance. The free plan allows you to save 1000 contacts and send 1000 branded emails. To extend these limits, upgrade to a base plan of $11.99 per user per month. To unlock marketing automation, check out our $39.99/user growth plan per month. Finally, there’s a Pro plan at $63.99/user that includes phone support and advanced analytics.
Some of the platform’s most popular features are related to marketing automation. According to G2 customer reviews, the most popular features are the built-in API, data quality control, and user, role, and access control.
EngageBay can connect to WordPress, Office 365, Contacts, Google Calendar, and more for integration.

  • Advanced features like marketing automation are only available in the more expensive EngageBay level
  • EngageBay pricing is more complex than most of our competitors
  • Lack of mobile app availability
  • Not ideal for companies looking to grow
  • Online assistance is limited to working hours only, which is a drawback for growing businesses
  1. Nimble:

Nimble’s USP is simplicity. It does a great job at providing a quick visual snapshot of customers and leads. Nimble focuses on intelligently collecting customer data in one place. This will be very valuable to users. Outstanding Features:

  • Easy integration with Google Apps and Office 365
  • Two-way synchronization between Nimble and popular business applications
  • Easy-to-use sales pipeline features

Nimble has built-in pipeline and contact management features such as transaction tracking, activity management, and alerts, as well as social listening to keep your customer profile up to date. This allows businesses to track mentions, track or manipulate contacts, and track milestones like birthdays. The tool also provides an email widget that allows users to view detailed contextual details about a contact’s Nimble profile from outside the system.
Nimble was named No. 1 in CRM from Fit Small Business 2017, no. 1 in G2 Crowd CRM in 2018, no. 1 of the sales tools integrated by G2 Crowd in 2018, and the market leader in electronic tracking software. Nimble brings together thousands of Small to medium businesses to successfully foster personal and professional relationships through email, social media, and over 90 cloud-based business applications.
Nimble’s business plan costs $25 per user per month when billed annually. Nimble identifies who needs to communicate in your network and tells you how, when, and why to interact with that person. When billed monthly, the price is $19 per user per month. You also get a free 14-day trial to test your CRM’s business suitability. This pricing makes it a better candidate in comparison with HubSpot pricing.

  • Businesses using Office 365 or Google Workplace
  • Businesses with a strong online presence
  • Businesses requiring strong contact management skills


  • Not ideal for companies that need consistent help
  1. Creatio CRM:

CRM Creatio is a complete marketing, sales, and support solution built on an intelligent low-code platform for CRM and process management. Medium and large enterprises can now efficiently manage their entire customer journey, from leads to orders to ongoing account maintenance. Creatio is widely recognized by leading industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, Nucleus Research, Ovum, and ISM and has won numerous prestigious awards.
The highly customizable and intuitive Creatio app helps businesses of all sizes and industries manage their customer service processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This software provides an agile wireless platform that allows users to easily build business applications that support their business operations without specialized IT or technical skills. These applications include operational efficiency, optimization, and customer-centric applications.

  • ENTERPRISE EDITION: $60/user/month.
  • COMMERCE EDITION: $35/user/month.
  • TEAM EDITION: $30/user/month.

In comparison to HubSpot pricing, this is an ideal alternative.

Sales Creatio has the ability to create a single database for all active accounts and contacts, creating a 360-degree view of all your customers. Enterprise Network provides communication panels to make phone calls, manage email, approve contacts, and work together. It also provides a custom format for lead management and customer classification. Operations are highly automated on this platform. Creatio automatically shows follow-up reminders.

  • Integrating email with Outlook is very difficult
  • Not very practical for small businesses and start-ups
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