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Sheetal Pansare | President & Global CEO | Futurism Technologies, Inc

Futurism Technologies: Advancing Business Process through Digital Transformation

In the business community, digital transformation has become the synonym of success. Adding digital services in an organization’s process can save valuable time and money and helps in reinvent processes, improve quality and promote consistency. Taking this into consideration a leading digital transformation company Futurism Technologies, Inc. is helping to evolve enterprises by providing a digital platform in this segment.
Futurism Technologies combines its deep industry knowledge with technology and analytics expertise in order to enable digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers. The organization delivers seamless customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies.
The company creates innovative, digital-led transformational solutions with clients across several industries. It enables businesses in IT, Banking and Financial Services, E-commerce, Insurance, Travel, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail Shipping, & Logistics and utilities to grow their digital future and transform their outcomes with operational excellence. Futurism Technologies has successfully co-created and executed the future vision of its 200+ clients with the help of 350+ employees. The global footprint of the company spans across 5 countries with worldwide delivery centres.
A Visionary Being 
Sheetal Pansare, President and Global CEO of Futurism Technologies, Inc. have been the leading figure in laying a culture in the organization where members not only accepts digital transformation but grabs on to it with both hands. Today, Futurism is a change-ready organization that can adapt much quicker than ever before. He was also the face behind Dimensions, a unique service offering from Futurism. Dimensions is envisioned to build better products and experiences for customers, developing go-to-market approaches and inventing disruptive new business models—all to generate new growth, meaningful differentiation, and real economic value.
Optimal Solutions with Emerging Technologies 
Futurism Technologies includes design offering emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics & Automation, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and more. A key component in offering is to engage customers with workshops, leading towards people-centric innovation and using design thinking to produce and test new concepts and solutions. The company is driving man-machine collaboration to solve complex business problems by using a combination of human creativity & intelligence, usage of ubiquitous data and powerful algorithms and plentiful computing.
The organization’s business service offerings focus on processes, efficiency and collaboration, both internally and through designing new customer experiences. Typical services include Application Development & Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, Product Engineering, IT consulting and a broad range of technology and solutions offerings. The company is in a unique position to combine user experience and interaction design with its digital native and technology expertise which is guaranteeing feasibility and easy implementation for the customers.
New digital opportunities enable innovation and create new business models. At Futurism, it offers digital transformational services such as Innovations and Concept workshops, change management drives, and strategic consulting sessions. Recognizing that the journey of digital transformation and innovation requires team support, Futurism strives to always put together experienced and skilled teams that combine analysts, strategists, designers, and technologists.
Making Failures First Step towards Success 
Be it goals, technology or people, business requires transformation from time to time and it is not easy. Futurism has experienced failures and learned that it is part of the process. Everyone needs to understand this, accept this, and communicate this to ensure that failed projects every now and then don’t hamper future attempts of transformation.
According to the company, business goals can’t be achieved successfully without patience. It will eventually fail along the way. It may have to make plenty of mistakes to go along with the successes, and got to embrace and share those failures as part of telling the story. Being prepared for failure is an important part of senior management; prior (effective) communications and efforts to manage expectations across different stakeholder groups can provide a lot of relief in the aftermath of a failed project.
Futurism also believes, if the business is bogged down by failure, then the organization will find it hard to navigate the current digital landscape and transform into a digital-ready business. Bottom-line, the leader must be willing to get a few bruises and scars in this process. If he is not, he does not have to even bother, because the business may not last long in the industry.
Focusing on Leading-Edge Technologies 
2019 would see more examples of the convergence of AI with IoT and AI with blockchain. Team Futurism, will continue to stay up to date on new technologies and dedicate time to training employees on them. The company also works on improving data infrastructure since AI relies on good data and ensuring that it has an effective infrastructure in place to handle AI so the organization can position itself as the leader in AI. It doesn’t need to have expensive tools to do this, as there are some excellent data science techniques that it is already using. Futurism’s vision is to become the most preferred technology solution & service provider in the global market.
Using the Futurism IoT platform to connect our products to the cloud gave us the much-needed flexible connectivity and broad protocol support we need today. It also enabled our own suite of smart building products to interact with other manufacturers’ products through the Futurism IoT cloud.” Jayte “Futurism turned out to be a great strength for us. Their automation strategies were innovative and radical. Their Click Capture technology is extremely intuitive, easy to use and navigate. But the most amazing part is Auto-Find! After deploying self-learning module, we started saving an average of 30% of document entry time.” Larry.