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From China to America: the best sites for online shopping

The beauty of online shopping is that you can buy German clothes, English shoes, Chinese trinkets for the home, or American electronics without leaving your home.

It is especially convenient when an online shopping store delivers goods anywhere in the world. No need to waste time searching for intermediaries. Among the” international partners ” are Amazon, Etsy, and many others.
Many people prefer to shop in Asian online shopping stores: there is delivery not only around the world but also often free. In addition, there is a huge assortment and very attractive prices in Chinese and Korean shops.
For fashionistas and fashionistas
People who follow fashion know that good things in boutiques are unreasonably expensive, and not all brands are represented there. Online shopping stores are another matter. In them, you can find clothes for women, men, and children for every taste. If the desired size or color is not in one place, there is always an alternative. ASOS, Macy’s, Yoox, Matalan-the choice of shops is huge. At the same time, almost every one of them has some characteristic feature: some sell, in addition to designer, vintage things, others rely on clothes for ladies over 50, others are famous for sales.
If you have a non-standard figure or you prefer exclusive things that no one else has, then go to an online shopping atelier. Yes, you can not only buy ready-made clothes online shopping but also order tailoring, for example, a shirt or a business suit. Such services are arranged quite simply: you write when ordering measurements, and after a while, you get a perfectly fitting thing in the mail. For example two of the most famous online shopping stores;
In this famous online shopping store, you will find items from more than 850 brands, including clothing from ASOS. The store’s assortment includes more than 35 thousand products, and new items are regularly added.
Now Asos is reducing prices for women’s and men’s clothing — a 25% discount on things from the world’s leading brands for men, and 30% on women’s clothing for parties. In addition, there is a sale of up to 70% discount on various women’s clothing and accessories. In general, the cost of things on the site ranges from $10 to $600, there is a variety of clothes-from underwear to coats, accessories, bags, etc. Pleases with the free delivery, the wait is about a month.
This is a huge store where you can find not only clothes for women, men, and children, accessories and bags, but also everything for the home: bed linen, dishes, watches, decorative items, and much more — the catalog has distributions for each room, so it’s quite easy to find something, for example, for the kitchen or the bathroom.
Among other things, you can find exclusive items from different brands and, of course, discounted products — there are items with discounts of up to 20% in the Sale section.
For geeks
Do you like gadgets? Always up to date with technological innovations? Do you change your devices like gloves? Then learn to save on this. To be honest, even Aliexpress can please you. Almost all the equipment is made in China, so why overpay. You can track any package, thanks to the online usps tracking number, which will be sent to you when the package goes on the road.
For athletes
People who are fond of sports have a similar problem: not all cities have sports goods stores, their prices are not always adequate, and there are often no necessary things there. Online shopping stores will help out. The most popular of them is SportsDirect. In them, you can find special clothes and shoes, equipment, and various gadgets (from activity trackers to stopwatches and scales).
From China to America: the best sites for online shopping
For home and family
An original frame for a picture, an antique lampshade, or a cute laundry basket for the bathroom-such trifles make up a cozy atmosphere. If you want to decorate your home and make being in it comfortable, then you have to visit these sites;
This online store, among other things, has a huge selection of household goods: goods for the kitchen, bathroom, garden, home textiles, and even clothing for animals. You can order original prints for 3 dollars, sets of knives or dishes, showerheads with LEDs, beautiful bed linen, or solid and beautiful umbrellas.
The cost starts from $1, there are various discounts and the opportunity to buy cheaper using coupons.
If you dream of a beautiful bathroom, in this online store you can find a large selection of beautiful sinks, original taps, and other accessories.
Those who like to work with their hands will also find goods for themselves — there is a lot of everything for embroidery, knitting, and sewing, there are tools for repair and even sets of brushes for drawing. In general, there are a lot of categories here, and to find something, you can sort products by prices and tags.
This large online store has a lot of goods for home and office, kitchens, bedrooms, there are intimate gadgets if anyone dares. There is a wide variety of stickers for wall decoration — simple or glow-in-the-dark. You can order a lot at once and change the design at least every month.
For moms and dads
Many young mothers who are on maternity leave are engaged in joint purchases. Hobbies and savings in one bottle. However, it is profitable to buy toys or clothes not only through purchases in social networks but also directly on specialized websites like these;
A multi-brand store with a warehouse in Sweden. Among the goods — everything and a little more. In addition to clothes and shoes, you can order strollers, toys, car seats, and all kinds of items for caring for babies. There are many sizes, you can dress both babies and teenagers.
One of the best options for mastering online shopping in foreign stores helps to understand the prices, terms of receipt of parcels, and the basic rules of online shopping.
An Austrian store. If the product is not in stock, you can leave a note informing: when the item appears, you will receive an email. You can also order notifications about discounts. The store offers children’s clothing and shoes, there are not so many things in the assortment that cost less than 20 euros, but the quality is at the level. Sales and discounts help to save money, and when ordering from 150 euros, the parcel will be delivered without an additional fee. Kids and schoolchildren can buy things that are similar to adults. For reserved and serious parents and children.
The modern Internet opens up incredible opportunities. These include online shopping abroad. Thanks to this, we can shop in the best stores in Europe and the USA without getting up from our sofa.
In general, you can buy everything if you know where. We hope that this article has helped you understand which stores specialize in what more.

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