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Mathews Mathew | CEO & MD | ePROMIS Solutions Inc.

ePROMIS Solutions: Transforming Businesses through Unified ERP Solutions

In today’s industrial era, with the significant ERP solution organizations are facilitating the following benefits such as, increasing effective communication between departments and allowing employees to access their data more efficiently. An effective ERP solution also allows streamline access to various departments. Hence, ePROMIS Solutions Inc is one such multinational software corporation offering industry-specific ERP software solutions for construction, oil & gas, MEP, trading, and manufacturing industries. It has over a million ERP users across the globe and has offices in 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
With the vision to become ‘No. 1’ in innovative business solutions and ERP solutions, ePROMIS established technology leadership as the first to deliver innovative business software solutions time and time again. ePROMIS’ current investments in cloud computing, blockchain technology, big data, and enterprise mobility are based on vision 2025, that welcomes the age of Industry 4.0.
Providing advanced ERP Solutions 
ePROMIS ERP has many useful built-in applications and functionalities such as real-time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, enterprise mobility, document management system, document attachment system, and audit trail system. Being a leader in enterprise mobility, its ERP solutions run on smartphones and tablets with dedicated applications and even on web browsers.
ePROMIS’ globally acclaimed ERP solutions are available across industries in three editions,

  1. ePROMIS Lite, which is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model solution for small and growing organizations,
  2. ePROMIS Innovate, cloud-ready ERP solution for medium-sized organizations,
  3. ePROMIS Enterprise ERP, ePROMIS’ flagship ERP software designed for larger organizations.

An Idealistic Leader 
ePROMIS was founded in 1981 by Mathews Mathew, the current CEO and MD to provide computer software and networking services to local Texas businesses. ePROMIS entered the software business when only a few of the companies understood the need for automating business processes.
The computer software of the 80s remained hardware specific, the book-keeping programs were written for a particular brand of computer and tailored to each client’s needs. On top of that, overcoming the resistance to technology adoption was the biggest challenge. “In the early day’s hardware were expensive and employees were comfortable with manual business processes. The initial challenges included educating businesses the need for automating businesses processes.” states Mathews.
ePROMIS’ turning point came with the introduction of ERP system featuring a truly modular concept. Soon ePROMIS was attracting large-scale customers predominately from the construction, manufacturing, and trading sectors.
Over the years, Mathew’s innovation-led strategy for ePROMIS has resulted in global business expansion, increases in customers, effective strategic partnerships, and profitable growth. While sharing about company’s vision he asserts that, “From making corporate decisions, driving innovation, managing the overall operations, to running the board of directors, I enjoy being immersed in the day-today operation of the business; and to this day, I believe I must keep proving myself.
Our success secret is we never settle for ‘just getting the job done’. Constant innovation is the key to growth when people or companies start to feel entitled they stop pushing they start losing their grip. We do celebrate achievements, but I always tell my people that we’re never done.”
 Modernizing ERP Solutions 
At ePROMIS, the product development and innovation strategies include internal development, customer and partner co-innovation, and acquisitions. Currently, it is at the test phase of next-generation cloud ERP system with increased emphasis on mobility, analytics and social. This one-of-a-kind enterprise system is designed and developed as per ePROMIS’ vision 2025 of creating technologies that open up entirely new possibilities. ePROMIS’s innovation lab is also working on the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in business, i.e., AI-enabled ERP solutions, which will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks. ePROMIS’ current investments in cloud computing, IoT, blockchain technologies, machine learning, big data and enterprise mobility are based on vision 2025.
Reaching New Heights 
Being a customer-centric organization, ePROMIS’ product development and innovations are based on real-life scenarios standing at a customer’s side.
“With decades of experience serving various industries, we know the issues that companies face while running the business. By integrating business processes and eliminating silos, our solutions are enabling organizations to be more competitive and responsive to customer needs.” adds Mathews further.
The company has achieved an excellent report for its topquality products and outstanding service. Over the years ePROMIS ERP received numerous awards and recognition including winning the top position in the Gartner-company Software Advice’s FrontRunners for ERP report three times consecutively.
Stepping into Future 
As a pioneer in the business software industry with corporate headquarters in Houston, TX, USA., ePROMIS maintains a strong worldwide channel partner network and regional offices around the globe. Currently, the firm values its partnerships and collaboration and also looking forward to working on the innovative and unique opportunities that can be created through more successful partnerships.
Clientele Testimonials 
“When choosing the most suitable resource planning software, we looked at several prominent software. ePROMIS ERP was the solution that all our stakeholders agreed would produce the best result. While our competitors use typical off-the-shelf business software solutions, we have a simple, customizable, and industryspecific ERP software environment” – Austin Hill, COO, Texas Roofing Supply
“The market is dynamic and unique challenges to be faced every day; it was inevitable to choose an industry-specific ERP software from a reputed software company that understands the construction and contracting industry. ePROMIS was selected due to the strength of its projectbased ERP system, and its reputation as a leading ERP consulting and systems integration company” – V. V. Vaidyanathan, Group Finance Manager of ABM