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Big Bang ERP: Helping Businesses Streamline their Processes

With a vision to allow all people, in every organization to have direct access to the information that enables them to do their best work, from anywhere, every day, Big Bang ERP was formed. Big Bang is a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses optimize and streamline their processes by implementing cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Information Technology System Management (ITSM) systems and other cloud applications. The company aims at becoming the most trusted independent consultant team specializing in business management, collaboration and automation solutions.
Their highly skilled team of experts works hand in hand with organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements for every department in the enterprise so that companies can focus on what they do best rather than on repetitive manual processes, spreadsheet management and other non-value-added activities.
Big Bang’s team of consultants is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with smart, effective, scalable and high-quality cutting-edge cloud solutions that are delivered on time and within scope. Acting as trusted advisors, they contribute their diverse experiences and indepth expertise to the success of organizations around the world.
Cutting-Edge Solutions 
Big Bang offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions that cover all types of systems. Their extensive portfolio of products allow them to offer services that would help businesses solve all their management needs. With the idea of becoming a one-stop shop for all business needs, Big Bang offers professional services related to several cloud systems by being brand agnostic and focusing on a tailored solution for their clients. The company analyzes its clients’ operational needs, recommends the best solution and implements it through their proprietary methodology The Big Bang Experience®, optimizing and streamlining processes to support business growth and success.
Stellar Leadership 
The team at Big Bang ERP is led by Gabriel Tupula, Eng. PMP, CEO. Gabriel pushes a work culture that is very interesting. It’s a modern take on traditional methods to achieve the company vision in a fast-paced environment. What that means is that every single person within the company is aware of their role and how they contribute to the overall vision. He strongly encourages his team members to pick up the phone and to act responsively. Establishing a human connection is extremely important and by doing so, along with several other daily activities, reminders and insights, the team is able to provide exceptional service to clients and contribute to the development of the ERP industry through professional services and business advice that help businesses grow and succeed.
Ensuring Seamless Work 
Big Bang ERP is constantly looking for new products it can add to its portfolio that will allow it to respond to all of its clients’ requirements as efficiently as possible. The company wants to build partnerships it can be proud of and long-term client relationships. Its focus is always on the customer and continuous improvement on top of being upto- date with the latest technological advancement so it is able to give its expert advice to its customers confidently and earn their trust. This is how it came to implement a new approach (GAB’S pyramid™). This approach consists of looking at business systems in a pyramid view to tackle every single department and make sure it is contribution to the success of the entire organization. They look at the clients’ business from every aspect and make sure to recommend the right solutions, so their clients are capitalizing on every process within the organization. The company also verifies that all the different systems implemented work seamlessly or suggests ways to improve.
Personalizing Experiences 
Big Bang’s competitive edge is its ability to offer a unique experience to its customers based on their business needs and being able to give them a choice. The variety in its portfolio is its most unique offering because it is brandagnostic. What matters to the company is its customer’s business success leading it to recommend the best solution for organizations based on their business needs, not the brand they are trying to sell.
Expanding Global Footprints 
Big Bang ERP is striving to make its vision a reality. Its aim is to be a one-stop shop for all its clients’ needs and build long lasting partnerships with them to contribute to their business growth and success. It also wants to expand on an international level and increase its global footprint. Thus, it constantly looks for new solutions to add to its portfolio in order to serve all business needs, and opening offices as it grows around the world to serve customers worldwide in the best way possible. To sustain its competency, the company will stay up to date with best-in-class cloud solutions to offer its customers the best systems for their businesses and will keep on improving its service to build and maintain long lasting partnerships with its clients.
“BBE’s team is flexible, knowledgeable and provide solid functional and technical assistance with NetSuite’s ERP” – Walter Merkas, Senior Manager at WithumSmith+Brown “We were very happy with Big Bang ERP. They brought this project back to life and helped us put our priorities in line and allocate our resources efficiently. We know we can always count on them for support”Allison Roelofs, CFO, Gerotech Inc.