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Mark Rhyman | Partner | ERP Success Partners

ERP Success Partners Inc.: Transforming Businesses through World-class Cloud Solutions

In an Interview with Insights Success, Mark RhymanPartner at ERP Success Partners, shares the journey of ERP Success Partners Inc. and about its contribution to the businesses through cloud solutions. The organization is committed to successfully optimize, transform and scale businesses through the Number One Leading Cloud CRM/ERP.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Mark Rhyman and Insights Success.
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness, and its vision. 
ERP Success Partners is a NetSuite Solution Provider in North America and a NetSuite Alliance Partner in EMEA. We do provide NetSuite CRM/ERP business consulting in order to transform, optimize and support businesses around the globe. Our Vision is to become the most trusted business partner when it comes to the selection and support of your Enterprise Resource Planning Solution.
What are the cutting-edge ERP solutions offered by ERP Success Partners? 
ERP Success Partners offers Oracle+NetSuite ERP as its cloud-based solution. We have been NetSuite Experts for the past 10 years and we highly believe in the future of the product. There are multiple NetSuite Solution Providers, SDN Providers and Alliance Partners nowadays and they all have their strengths and industry focus. With our 10+ years of NetSuite experience, we aim at helping every customer navigating in that ecosystem, choosing the right solution and ensuring that they select the best NetSuite configuration for the long run while ensuring their business processes meets industry’s best practice.
Give a detailed description of the featured personnel’s influence over the company and contribution in developing the best ERP solutions. 
The Management of ERP Success Partners is composed of very highly skilled NetSuite Experts where we have all been exposed in multiple ERP Sales, Scoping and Implementations. That’s one of our unique differentiators as when we talk to our customers or prospective customers, we are putting our expertise to the customer’s benefit right away. This fast-tracks both the solution architecture design and long-term support.
What are the new approaches adopted by ERP Success Partners to advance its ERP solutions? 
Over the past decade we have learned many strategies and always responded to the customer’s demand. As opposed to being a Multi-Solution company with no clear definition of what solution to propose to what customer, we focus on what is the Number 1 Cloud Solution worldwide. Recently we have also adopted an implementation methodology where we do work in Fixed Fee. Time and Material is not what we feel is the most advantageous approach for our customers. We are Experts and when we give an estimate, we know that we are going to deliver the solution and the customer knows the cost without any unpleasant surprises or budget overrun.
What challenges company face while providing Class ERP solutions and how is ERP Success Partners serving to tackle them? 
One of the challenges we have seen and heard is that customers often realize that they are being overbilled and taken for granted. When operating in the traditional Time and Material mode, most of the customers will face themselves having bills that exceed the initial proposal. This creates friction. Pair that with the Professional Industry pressure of having the “Billable”, “Utilization” and “Productive” metrics where employees MUST Track their time to Bill Customers, one can clearly see that the more time the employee can track will show better revenue to their managers and in the end the customers ends up paying more until the relationship breaks. For us it’s pretty simple. We scope a project, provide an estimate and once agreed we invoice that amount. Our Employees have no Time Tracking Pressure and our customers are extremely happy. Our objective is to capitalize on Long Term Engagement as Business Partners.
What are the dynamic factors that enable ERP Success Partners to stay ahead of its competitors? 
It’s definitively our team members that makes the day to day a success. Our NetSuite Certified team is always on top of the new features and for every major upgrade we remain educated on what functionality would benefit our customer base. Competition is also evolving, and it is important to also educate our team on market trends. Understanding properly what competing products offers also helps us ensure that our value proposition makes sense for each prospective customer. We have grown on Honesty and Transparency. If our product is not going to be a good fit, we simply have to be realistic about it.
What according to you could be the potential future of the ERP Success Partners and how does the company envision sustaining its competency? 
ERP Success Partners has the ambition of providing high end business class NetSuite Consulting Services. It’s a small ecosystem and yet a huge potential for growth with worldwide customers. We ensure that there is a great collaboration between us and other NetSuite Partners. In the end it is always about putting Customers First. We are nowhere close as being individualists and pretending we are the best of the best. We have our expertise and knowledge. As being fully bilingual (French and English) we are also going to expand in French speaking territories such as France and West Africa.
About the Leader 
By understanding the needs of each client and business processes, Mark Rhyman helps enterprises find the most sustainable solutions through NetSuite – Oracle ERP and CRM configuration by considering their needs and budget. His specialties include NetSuite, Information Systems (ERP, CRM, PSA, WMS), eCommerce, SaaS Business Solutions.