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Dr. Isha Farah Quraishy

Dr. Isha Faraha Quraishy: A Dynamic and Accomplished Individual with Diverse Talents and Passions

Women’s empowerment plays a crucial role in a country’s economic and social development. However, India still ranks low in terms of the number of women in business leadership roles, with only 17% of senior positions held by women, according to a survey by Grant Thornton India. Despite this, there has been a 7-point increase in the proportion of senior roles held by women since the previous year. Louis Berger, a global infrastructure and development firm, is actively supporting the advancement of women in the workplace and has a diverse workforce that it believes drives innovation and creativity. The slow progress toward gender equality in the workplace is still encouraging and can lead to measurable business results.

Isha Faraha Quraishy is a multi-talented and accomplished individual based in the UAE. She is a successful entrepreneur and expert in the field of technology, specifically in the metaverse. Dr. Quraishy is a well-known figure in the fields of education, technology, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. She holds expertise in education technology and is passionate about making education accessible to all children. In addition, she is an international speaker, media personality, and the only celebrity tech host in the UAE. She is focused on developing technology solutions to support special needs education and empowering people with determination. Through her work with the Diplomatic Mission for Global Peace and her title of “Her Excellency,” Dr. Quraishy continues to inspire and influence both women and corporations.

Dr. Quraishy’s achievements and talents extend beyond her work in technology and education. She has won the title of Mrs. Universe 2019 Solidarity and is the first Mrs. UAE United Nations. She is also a talented artist and professional dancer with a presence in Bollywood and upcoming Hollywood projects. Additionally, she is a well-known media personality and is the subject of a series of 30 artworks by renowned artist Kaushal Chowdhary, which is a significant accomplishment in the art world.

Insight into Isha’s Journey
Dr. Isha Faraha Quraishy is a multi-talented individual. In addition to her work in education and technology, Dr. Quraishy is also an accomplished artist and dancer and is involved in Bollywood and Hollywood projects. Her media presence and the recognition she has received from renowned artist Kaushal Chowdhary further highlight her achievements and impact.

Isha is driven by her passion for EdTech and her focus on using technology to improve the lives of individuals with special needs or determination. With a background in media and entertainment, she is a well-known well-known International Speaker and celebrity tech host in the region, having hosted numerous shows and events including World Metaverse show in UAE. In addition to her crown wins, she has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Inspirational Women 2020 award, the Global Woman Icon award in 2020, Model of the Year 2020, and the Top Inspiring Women of the UAE, among others. She says, “My creative side, which is an integral part of my DNA, is my passion.”

Isha began her professional journey with EMC Technologies, a data center & Storage Technology company. She then worked for VMware and HP before joining GEMS Education as a PMO. From there, she shifted her focus to customer success. She later worked for Finesse, a reputable system integrator, where she headed the cloud and infrastructure division. She was leading the Middle East operations for a metaverse company and now runs her own company, IFQ, which stands for her full name, Isha Farha Quraishy. Her expertise is in emerging technology, with a strong background in data centers. She states, “When you look at the growth of the technology itself, the adoption was always a challenge. It always takes time for people to adapt to the new changes, which are happening especially on the technology side, or really in any industry for that matter.”

IFQ Technologies
IFQ is a company that strives to improve the customer experience and increase revenue for clients through comprehensive digital transformation. Its goal is to empower individuals and help businesses transform their operations. The company’s mission is to give people the power to take control of their own success.

IFQ aligns with the 17 United Nations sustainability goals, including promoting quality education, improving healthcare, promoting sustainable living, and pursuing gender equality. The company aims to create a collaborative business ecosystem where companies can work together instead of competing against each other. She says, “We are developing a technology in such a way that that can identify which are the skill areas that we can develop in them.”

IFQ’s vision is to become a 1 billion Dollar company in the next five years, and to achieve this, the company believes in creating a supportive ecosystem. The most valuable aspect of the company is its relationships and trust. Isha emphasizes that trust and relationships are essential for success and that every project requires a flexible approach. She notes that the company’s approach to dealing with the private sector will differ from its approach to dealing with the public sector.

At IFQ, the team aims to be a trusted partner, for their digital Journey not a company that focused on just a sales hat , but we keep a service first approach and quality delivery . Isha works closely with customers to serve as a trusted advisor and consultant. She assesses clients’ businesses to identify gaps, potential issues, and bottlenecks and provides valuable insight to help improve their operations. The goal is to build trust and establish a long-term partnership with clients.

Leading with Transparency
A company values relationships and trust above all else. This means that each project demands a different approach, and one must be flexible when dealing with different kinds of projects and customers. Isha believes that as a leader, one’s goal is to establish long-term relationships with the customers as their trusted technology partner. She further adds that the aim is to understand their business needs and gaps and work with them to find the best solution to their problems, even if it means adjusting their own approach. She says, “Trust is key to maintaining the relationship, which is why you emphasize the importance of trust in your business strategy.”

Driven by Values and Innovation
IFQ stands for three pillars: Educate, Empower, and Sustainable Living. When IFQ is talking about a metaverse and web 3.0, it is talking about education. The team is trying to see how technology can enhance education virtually. Isha believes the tech has got a great, great opportunity when it comes to business as well as giving back to society. The company is putting together thinking from every aspect of a child, a 360-degree journey of a child from different personas, a parent, teacher, and government sector, and the schools from every aspect of how it can solve the problem.

IFQ is also trying to work on a parallel metaverse world where even live operations on the patient can be conducted virtually, not robotically. It is also concerned with people’s health because health includes both mental and physical health, both of which are critical. The company is actually thinking about how technology can bring a magnificent, unbelievable change to the health industry.

IFQ is looking ahead to develop its own security operations center and Center of excellence in the UAE, as well as in India. And it is also focusing on every kind of technology implementation. Isha says, “Anything and everything that you would require for technology, we have solutions.” “We are also focusing on every kind of technology implementation, from robotic process automation to Metaverse.”

Bridging Gap with Trust
Security is always a concern, and IFQ has proper certifications and security measures in place for end-to-end implementation. Trust is essential in B2B contracts, and the company aims to maintain confidentiality and protect customer data. In cases where access to their environment or data is necessary, all contracts and agreements will be in place, and mutual understanding will be established. Isha states that the customer will always be kept informed and in control of their data. The goal is to have a long-term relationship with the customer and to be seen as a trusted advisor. She says, “We will always strive to protect their data and maintain open communication, which is a standard practice in the IT industry.”

Changing the Scenario
Isha is proud that her talent has been recognized in the UAE, where she has received recognition such as the “Top 50 Women of UAE” and the “Inspiring Women of UAE Award.” These achievements highlight her impact and success in the UAE. She says, “Especially if it is a woman, this country supports and gives opportunities for you to grow, provided that the country feels that this woman has the potential.”

Even though Isha got every opportunity in this beautiful country, she had challenges when it came to the other side. Because the world is dominated by men, it is common for the general public to accept women’s access to skills. In the classroom, 50 to 60 percent of the class is filled with more girls than boys. When it comes to the workplace, it’s different. It becomes a lower percentage of women and a higher percentage of men as employees. There’s a lot of change, but that gap must be bridged.

Expansion to Bring More Talent
Isha and the IFQ team currently have a focus on the Middle East and India, with a small team in the UK. The goal is to expand globally, including in the USA and Singapore. Saudi Arabia is a major target for the company, and it is working through partners in various countries. IFQ’s partnership model allows it to focus on expanding its team size, sales, and project teams, as well as building a center of excellence in India, headquartered in Dubai. The company believes that India has a large pool of talented people and a supportive government for technology development, making it the ideal location for the company’s center of excellence. The aim is for people to associate IFQ with future technology and trust when thinking about technology partners.

IFQ aims to build a long-lasting reputation as a legendary company in the Web3 space by focusing on ethical business practices, building strong relationships and trust with clients, and maintaining a visible presence through speaking engagements, exhibitions, and media exposure. The company values the importance of building a strong network and maintaining a foundation based on ethics. The ultimate goal is for IFQ to be the top name in the Web3 industry, remembered for its expertise and trustworthiness.