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Tahani Al Terri

Tahani al Terri: Igniting Positive Change Through Pursuit of Dreams

“Everyone wants change, but they are unsure of how to make it happen.” 


It is no longer sufficient to concentrate on a single subject or set of subjects in an ever-changing world. To stay ahead, you must learn how to acquire new skills and knowledge on a regular basis. That is why, right now, the most important skill to master is how to learn. Learning to adapt and pick up new skills will prepare you for anything the future holds. 


Tahani Al Terri, Happiness Makers of ADAMAS event organizing and managing, had a deep-rooted passion for training and bringing positive change in society with an aim to bring like-minded people together from different nations.


Tahani was no stranger to the world of change and progress. She had been at the forefront of the fight for progress since she was a young girl. She had always been determined to bring about change for the greater good.


Once, as she was organizing an event for a group of people who shared her passion for change, she realized that everyone wanted to change, but they were unsure of how to make it happen. She wanted to help them understand the importance of learning new skills and to provide them with the necessary tools to make it happen. 


She was inspired to organize a series of seminars, workshops and activities to bring people together to discuss their ideas and develop action plans to create change. She founded ADAMAS, the training and coaching to host these events. Here, people could discuss their ideas, develop their skills and make real progress. 


The seminars and workshops were a massive success. People from all walks of life, from different nationalities and cultures, joined together to talk about how to bring about change. They shared their experiences, stories and ideas to create a powerful vision for the future. 


Her seminars and workshops gave people the tools and knowledge they needed to make change happen. People learned how to develop their skills, how to use different resources, and how to work together to create a better future. 


Tahani’s work has since been recognized in the international community. She continues to work hard to help others learn how to bring positive change to their lives and the lives of those around them. She has inspired many to take action and make a difference. 


As Tahani’s story shows, everyone wants change, but they are unsure of how to make it happen. Learning to adapt and develop new skills is the key to success in an ever-changing world. Tahani’s story is an inspiration to us all – to take action, develop our skills, and create positive change. 


Devoting Herself to Positive Change 

In describing her career path, Tahani said, “I chose to leave my government position to devote myself to my dream and passion of training and bring about positive change in the people around me.” This led her to specialize in the field of international training and consulting, where she worked with many government agencies and private businesses and trained thousands of people. I have gone through a variety of changes, but the most significant one was watching someone grow into their best selves, she stated.  


She is passionate about training, consulting, and life coaching, and it is a goal that she has worked tirelessly to realize, enhance and develop for the better. To that end, she has obtained numerous international and local memberships, taken part in several conferences, events, seminars and training programs, and traveled to various nations to share her message and assist others in embracing change and overcoming new challenges in life.  


She also wanted to use this trip to begin planning conferences, large-scale events and other activities to recognize those who had achieved various feats, with a particular emphasis on women worldwide. She started planning festivities on the internet while the Corona was going on before moving to reality. She expresses gratitude to God for assisting her in planning numerous significant conferences that highlight the accomplishments and inventions of women.  


Creating Events to Forge Lifelong Connections  

Tahani believes events of all kinds are a wonderful opportunity for a large gathering of stakeholders and opening a network of strong and different relationships between the participants, sponsors and speakers of all ages and functional roles in life. In addition to making great achievements in bringing together the largest possible number of people with one specialization in the same event, this is what makes her an asset in forming new relationships and successful partnerships with specialists in this field.


She firmly holds that “Organising huge events, conferences, and events is what contributes to life” and makes it more magnificent by bringing together all interested parties, specialists and participants from other nations. And through her presence in the United Arab Emirates, which is regarded as the incubator for all creative and successful people in various fields, and from Dubai, the Adamas company for organizing and managing events was launched to reserve a special place for it among the successful creatives aspiring to reach number one in accordance with the vision and goals of their wise leadership, of which they are proud, and its vision to enable business owners to achieve their achievements locally.  


Discovering Quality, Excellence and Innovation. 

Adamas Company for Events Organizing & Managing was established in the United Arab Emirates, more especially in Dubai, which is regarded as the hub of business because it serves as the entrance to chances for all investors and business owners. They want ADAMAS to change the way that major events are organized by offering quality, excellence and innovation in presenting and putting into practice modern ideas that are in line with the needs of the contemporary era, as well as openness. They want ADAMAS to be the bridge between Dubai and the rest of the other countries that wish to be present and work in Dubai by managing external international events and conferences with professional and qualified staff for that.  


Additionally, they aim to refine their concepts and broaden their network of contacts, success partners and strategic partners, with whom they hope to establish a long-lasting partnership through their subsequent venture.


Be Ahead of the Pack 

In the vast competitive market, keeping yourself above the competition is extremely important because businesses alter their marketing techniques as they battle to grow revenue and attract new clients. More customers translate into a larger market share, and more sales translate into more profits. So, it’s crucial to keep your competitive edge.   


Let us see how ADAMAS has kept itself above the competition. In the beginning, Tahani worked independently until she was able to reach good clients and a wide network of relationships, and excellent works of quality, creativity, distinction and innovation in ideas and implementation, and she became more experienced in this field. Later, she decided to expand the business by establishing the Adamas company for organizing and managing events, in which all work related to events, conferences, training programs and medical tourism is carried out through signing several partnerships with relevant institutions and agencies to provide greater services to clients.  


Technology Empowers Businesses to Provide Faster, Wider, and Quality Services 

Embracing technology, Tahani said, “As a matter of fact, technology has become an essential component of our business, enabling us to reach all clients, whether they are local or abroad, in a wider and faster manner while also making it simpler and faster to access them.” 


Through technology, they can also keep up with the most recent advancements in their fields of study and employment, as well as learn how to grow. Openness is also important in how clients choose the business that provides the best and highest quality services, and their services and goods are better to gain a better evaluation and more confidence among their customers.  


Surmount Challenges and Obtain Success  

We frequently believe that we will eventually reach a point in our life where we are free of challenges, yet we face obstacles at every stage of our lives, endeavors, careers and relationships—both those we anticipate and those we don’t. There will be difficulties as long as we are moving upward. 


Speaking on the difficulties she had in life, she remarked, “There are many difficulties, hurdles, and problems that are always renewed, but with experience in the workplace and coping with many of them, there are different solutions that may be applied.” 

In addition, the method of dealing with changes with time and as one gain more experience, and in terms of how quality can be maintained in work, there will be many sacrifices made to reach the highest peak of success after toil, effort and continuous work, and reliable clients.  


The Road to Sustained Success 

“Simply, everyone can succeed one day, but what is more difficult than success, in reality, is maintaining the same success continuously.” – Tahani. 


We see many who can succeed, but after some time, we do not see them present in the field of business because they could not maintain their success well. They also mentioned that problems and challenges remain continuous, so a person must always be sufficiently prepared to face crises or problems that may occur from time to time and not rush to reap the results of his actions, not give up easily, and not lose hope, desire, passion or enthusiasm in carrying out actions just because he failed in them. Once or more, you must try continuously to succeed and continue to succeed with love and hope. 


Aspiring to Leave an Influential Imprint 

“I aspire to reach the world with my expertise, the quality of my work, and my renewable innovative ideas to provide services to customers in a constantly renewed manner.”  


He hopes to leave a lasting impression on the business world, events and conferences in particular by highlighting the most significant figures in the Arab world so that their illustrious works, minds and ideas can be shared with the rest of the world. This is in addition to promoting the idea of innovative modern business in accordance with the great openness in which we currently find ourselves. 


A Journey to Success 

When asked about the accolades and recognitions, she replied, “Of course, I endeavor to leave an enduring stamp in this field with superior thoughts and several other things. For the works I present, Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi awarded me the title of “Best businesswoman among the 50 women.” I have also received numerous societal honors and titles over the years, and I am proud of all of them.” She still has a lot to give and receive through her profession and to the world, we may one day encounter.