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Mr. Dnyanesh P. Borchate | Brilliant Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

BrilliantWMS A Specialist in Supply Management Technologies and Solutions

With a mission to remain obsessed with customers’ needs and empowering agility to them Brilliant Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s premier Information Technology Services Company was incepted in 2002. Brilliant is a leading Service provider of broad Spectrum of IT Products, IT Projects, IT Services (EGovernance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Financial Sectors, and E-Commerce). It delivers unmatched business values to the customer through a combination of process, excellent quality framework and service delivery. The company believes in providing the appropriate end to end business solution that leverages technology for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies are covered.
Brilliant works with large global corporation and new generation technology companies to build new services and implement prudent business technology in today’s dynamic digital environment. It enables its clients to seamlessly integrate their changing business environment imperatives thereby enabling maximized benefits and returns.
Additionally, Brilliant is also an offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in outsourced product development and custom enterprise application development services through a global delivery model. It has served many industry leader clients for many years. The company offers its services to Government, ISV’s/IT services Manufacturing, Legal, Insurance verticals etc. Brilliant have dedicated Microsoft Competency Centers which focus on solutions and services based on Microsoft Technologies. Its Pune offshore development office (Global HQ) is a 100% export oriented unit (EOU) and its subsidiaries are situated at Australia, Duluth, GA, USA.
A Comprehensive Approach 
Besides its wide range of services, Brilliant’s cutting edge solutions include warehouse management, delivery management, and order management. Brilliant’s Delivery Management software (DMS) offers an online delivery app to facilitate quick and efficient delivery of the product. Its Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) offers and end-to-end supply chain solution with option to deploy in-premise or on the cloud to accommodate its client’s big data. Its WMS is scalable and flexible offering integrated business application and plug-ins for invoicing, purchase, logistics, fleet management, project management, compliance management, payroll, account etc. Its order management system saves the time of businesses and keeps track of the order execution and gauge potential delays etc.
Brilliant’s transportation software solution is designed to provide insights on the overall order management. Businesses can customize the analytics to view historical data on order, view driver performance, and analyze their customer’s satisfaction/complaints via user friendly graphics. Using the analytics they can be better prepared for the surge in orders and better forecast delivery needs. In addition, it also enables businesses to monitor live transport status and associated schedule impacts to apprise customers, minimize service issues via alerts allowing them to take a customer-centric action before a failure, and allow accommodation of new orders within existing schedules by making same-day services in reality.
The Key Architect 
Mr. Dnyanesh Borchate is the key architect of the BrilliantWMS project. He has More than 20 Years of rich experience in IT Sector mostly as System Architect. He started the company with an aim to bring together the supply chain management and expert’s knowledge and guidance to those who really need it at a fraction of the cost of conventional transport law firms and advisors. He handled 20 consulting assignment at USA , EUROPE and in South East Asia, Published 2 technical Papers in International Journal. Also Filed Patent on Cloud broker Technologies.
As principal consultant, Dnyanesh is available to provide expert advice and guidance on matters concerning transport management and compliance issues across many different sectors. A qualified Engineer, Architect, teacher and trainer, he also has the talent and ability to impart knowledge in an easy to understand and effective manner. Currently, his assignments include the operational management of a start-up haulage business and a number of projects managing very efficiently and successfully.
Brilliant Comprehensive DMS/OMS/Transport Management 
Enterprises seeking efficiency in order to process delivery, a good transport management software is essential. The system facilitates the teams to access the interface on the go, schedule pickup and deliveries. The order management system saves your time and keep track of the order execution and gauge potential delays etc.
\The £18m turnover company, which operates a small fleet of five commercial vehicles and 20 trailers uses the cloud transport management software of Brilliant to improve the tracking of dozens of shipments being delivered to customer sites across the UK Investing in subscription-based cloud technology has enabled the packaging manufacturer to reduce the time taken to contact drivers to check on delivery schedules and vehicle locations.
Testimonials from Clienteles
“We are very satisfied and happy to have found Brilliant as our offshore Development partner. During our relationship, Brilliant has developed a good understanding of our own vision and workflows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our Side. Thanks for your continuous support in this regard.”- Mr Maged Kamal – Director- Informa_on Technology GWC (Qatar)
“Brilliant WMS helped us go online for your business. It helped our employees, who work from home a lot. Accessing data from anywhere anytime is like a windfall to us. The tools to generate analytical reports etc. work quickly. Also, managing our leads, payments and other customer satisfaction, this has indirectly increased our sales. It has helped us grow financially very well.”- David Cook – Project Manager-N Group Inc (USA)
“The Services at Brilliant is simply the best What makes Brilliant so great is their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements Thanks to everyone at their team for making our projects exceed customer.”- Mr.Mahesh Challuri – Manager-LEDD Technologies (UAE)