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Wayne Auer | Chairman & Founder | PORT TMS, LLC.

Port TMS: Enhancing Productivity with Exclusive Offering in Logistics

Providing high quality services with best in class efficiency and consistency results to a better understanding of organization in market. It is necessary for an organization to view learning as an opportunity which will eventually help them to set new goals and refine processes. Now, companies are working even closer with their customers and vendors and taking this as an opportunity in order to enhance the understanding of customers towards company’s offerings and operations.
Port TMS is a transportation solution provider with Shipper’s and 3PL’s in mind and facilitating TL and LTL shipments quickly and efficiently through an engaging user experience plus functional workflow automation. The company is also providing a platform in order to collectively make improvements as opportunities arise. It is making a point to understand if any logistical challenge that customer may face the company gives real solution and draw positive outcomes.
An Efficient TransPortation Solution 
At Port TMS, the goal is simply to provide software with real value. Typically, one will find that software vendors sell modules or tiers of versions from basic to advanced. The company provides one solution that includes all the features and benefits at a fair price. Large and small customers all use the same version of software allowing for all customer’s to better plan for the future. One example is its digital or electronic rate con, in Port TMS its included and the wording can easily be customized by the customer. It empowers the customer to take the advantage of all the features and automations that fits best for their business. 3PL’s can also use Port TMS to provide additional services to their shipper customers, providing logistic services and software technology.
A Software Pundit 
Wayne Auer Chairman and Founder at Port TMS has spent most of his career in the healthcare software industry and running a company that became the industry leader of the healthcare niche. While running the healthcare company Wayne and his team built the original Port TMS solution and providing one of the first rating engines for the LTL market. That system which has been updated several times over the years and became the foundation to build Port TMS. Wayne’s focus has always been to make the customer’s job more efficient plus deliver superb customer service.
Comprehensive Offering is Priority 
Staying focused can be a big challenge, the logistics market is vast, and there are several avenues where software can improve efficiencies. But staying focused on the shipper and 3PL’s for Truck Load, LTL and Volume it is more important to develop a system that provides real value, and TMS software has shown that capability. Also, as the agent model is becoming increasingly popular with satellite offices the flexibility of cloud-based, and security-based rolls for users make growing and adding outside agents a snap. At Port TMS, the team is seeking to lead the market with comprehensive offerings and measure success through achieving customer’s reliability. The company will share customer’s goals of a successful and timely implementation. And along the way, it will ask for feedback to ensure that every interaction leads to the same positive experience for Port TMS’s customers and its vendors. Port aims to deliver a stellar performance that customers will rave about and share with others.
Customer Centric Approach 
As an organization, Port TMS keeps it simple by putting customers first. Creating software that makes a person’s job much easier and efficient is the first and foremost approach but providing excellent customer service makes a company stand out from the crowd. The company believes that people still make a difference, the software must be exceptional, but success only comes from properly on boarding the customer and ensuring the tool works for the customer.
Promising Consistency 
Port TMS focuses on the word continuity. It believes that customers want their transportation and logistics services to be seamless from their ERP, TMS, and Warehouse. Port TMS’s software integrations developed with the aim so the customers can achieve seamless continuity when systems working together and increase workflow, reduce labor cost, and gain profitability.
The integrated CRM allows me to quickly generate sales leads and track my agents’ sales activities” Zak – Director of Sales
Now if a customer calls wanting load documents or status updates its one click away in Port” Cara – Customer Service
Finally, I have a system where I can dispatch, set up carriers and post to load boards all in one place—and with the built-in text and email alerts, I don’t have to make as many check calls” Shane – Dispatch Supervisor
Since switching from Aljax 2 years ago to Port TMS the savings have allowed for us to contribute more money to the employee benefits plan!” -Mary
Port TMS never goes down or off line unlike our previous TMS, and the training and support they provide has made us more confident to bring on new customer and service lanes” Tranner –brokerage owner