You are currently viewing Atempo joins forces with Microsoft to Provide Secured Microsoft Azure File Migration Support

Atempo joins forces with Microsoft to Provide Secured Microsoft Azure File Migration Support

Atempo joins forces with Microsoft to Provide Secured Microsoft Azure File Migration Support

Fast, Secured and Free migrations to Azure through “Azure Storage Migrate Program” leveraging Atempo’s software platform Miria and its abilities to orchestrate large file datasets movement.

Paris, France (March 9, 2023) – Atempo, Data Protection and Data Management independent software vendor today announces its partnership with Microsoft aiming to arm enterprises with an easy and efficient migration path to move unstructured datasets from anywhere to Microsoft Azure. This new partnership through the “Azure Storage Migration Program” provides access to Miria, the Atempo migration software, at no cost.

The never-ending growth of unstructured data increases pressure on IT organizations requiring to expand storage volumes at a fast pace impacting on-premises infrastructures and budgets. This trend affects all industries and silos including Research, HPC, M&E, FSI, Healthcare.

‘It starts with a user interface simplifying the migration experience, and then the power of Miria’s architecture which can scale as needed and can be easily customized to match specific scenarios by simply adding Data Mover agents. This is one of the reasons why Miria is offered as one of the solutions approved by Microsoft to perform large-scale data migrations efficiently and securely from customers on-premises locations to Microsoft Azure.’ Says Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo.

Miria is an all-in-one software platform with 5 dedicated data management services: analytics, backup, archiving, mobility, and migration of large amounts of data between storages. The platform is designed for quick implementation, rapid scalability, and openness to all storage types (NAS, cloud, or object storages) to avoid vendor lock-in at storage level.

Miria Migration offer sponsored by Microsoft Azure

The Azure Storage Migration Program provides, at no cost, access to Enterprise tools to help customers migrate their data to Azure.  It is designed to guide IT teams through every step of the project and migrate massive business unstructured data volumes or HPC data sets to Azure with confidence: costs are controlled, data and migration are secured. You may leverage additional expertise to support or perform operations.

Atempo joins forces with Microsoft to Provide Secured Microsoft Azure File Migration Support



Step 1: Prepare

With the Sizing Guide, IT Teams can get a clear understanding of the process, and anticipate hardware needs, the scope and the level of complexity of the migration.

Step 2: Analysis & Planning

The Analytics module included with Miria migration allows IT Teams to explore company’s data across organization storages. With a consolidated view of data spread across all existing file storage (NAS of all brands, object storage, or cloud), IT Teams can easily identify and prioritize the data to be migrated and select the right storage target.

Step 3: Incremental Migration

Online tutorials, documentation, dedicated FAQs as well as Migration expert assistance, are available to support IT Teams to set up software components, configuration, and monitoring.

Step 4: Validation

With Miria intuitive web interface, IT Teams can easily monitor each migration step and get detailed reporting informing them of the completion of migration and file integrity control reports.

 ‘End-users are seeing increasing data volumes generated on-premises that are not making either business or economic sense to maintain there. The new Atempo partnership with Microsoft Azure  aims to facilitate data movement from on-premises or even cloud to  Azure while offering visibility, ease of use and cost control. Soon companies will consume more cloud storage than physical storage. This partnership is all about anticipating that evolution helping end-users to benefit today of the Azure cloud power with Miria’s powerful data orchestration capabilities’ adds Ferhat Kaddour, VP of Alliances at Atempo.

About Atempo

Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence in providing data protection and management solutions. With over 30 years’ experience, Atempo offers a complete range of proven solutions for both physical and virtual server backups, laptop and desktop protection, and migration between different storages of very large data volumes.

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