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A Beginner’s Guide to Casinos

Whether it’s through a door or a computer screen, stepping into your first casino can be a daunting experience. Here you’ll find a short beginner’s guide to casinos that will prime you on everything you need to know about the house, from the basics to tips that’ll stop you from losing cash.

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The House Edge
Before anything, you need to understand the house. The house always wins. That expression has stuck around for a reason – because it’s true. It doesn’t mean that winning is impossible, far from it, it just means that casinos have the odds set so on a long enough timeline, they always make a profit.
That’s the house edge, the advantage in every game that slightly nudges in the house’s favor. The place has to stay in business, after all, and tipping the scales of probability is the best way to do that while still allowing patrons to win money. Some games have more or less house edge than others, so go for the easier ones where the odds aren’t against you so much.
Find Your Game
You can learn to master the casino later. As a beginner who wants to play casinos while minimizing loss and maximizing fun, you should find your game. What does this mean? It means you play a few games in the casino once to see how you like them. Maybe you already know which casino games appeal to you the most, which is great!
From there, you work to become profitable with that game. This doesn’t mean you can’t play others but know that the more you expose yourself to a casino, the more you’ll lose, that’s how the house edge works.
Let’s say you start with blackjack, we’d recommend getting intimately familiar with the game, even profitable, by learning strategies that make your odds of winning better. Some games require more skill too, in which case you’ll need to build the relevant skills to compete with the house.
Finding a game that you enjoy and mastering it is a surefire way to enjoy any casino and get your foot in the door, all at the same time.
Know Your Limits
Before you are let loose in the casino, you need to know your limits. There are two things you need to keep a track of – your money and your time. They’re related, of course, but keeping track of both will help you save money.
First, set a budget before you even enter the casino. The exact amount will depend on your own salary and net worth but as a beginner we’d recommend keeping it small. There will be moments where lady luck isn’t on your side, at which point you’ll be faced with the decision to follow your budget and leave or break your budget by carrying on. That takes willpower, the other limit.
Setting a budget is useless if you don’t have the discipline to follow it. That’s why you should know your own limits as a human being when it comes to gambling behaviors. Do you have an addictive personality? Can you healthily take a loss, without exhibiting negative behaviors that affect both you and your loved ones? If there are warning signs, you may want to rethink casino gambling, or at least stop when the fun stops.
If you’re on a losing streak, a common and unhealthy thought is that you can bet more and more to try and win back the money you have lost. This rarely pays off and will only do you more harm than good. It’s called chasing a loss and it’s a thought process that every casino goer should stay away from. It may not feel like it at the time but sometimes walking away with a loss is still quitting while you’re ahead, you can always lose more money.
Take Winnings
And the last reminder, try to take winnings when you go to the casino. Most of us are there for fun, so you shouldn’t be obsessed with profit, especially as a beginner. The house edge dictates that the longer you spend in a casino, the less chance you have of making out with a profitable score. If you’ve built up some winnings, betting those winnings in an attempt to double them is a play that often doesn’t succeed.

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