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Mother Africa – An Inspiration to us All

It’s surprising how traveling to a place once known as the Dark Continent helps so many people see the light. Africa offers remote destinations for peaceful reflection, exciting activities to boost your self-esteem, and unforgettable interactions with unique people.
When you visit here, you’ll encounter evidence of mankind’s very first steps toward taming the unknown as they spread far and wide out into the world. You’ll also discover astonishing innovation, good-naturedness, and a can-do attitude born of surviving in some of the world’s most challenging environments.
Journeys Through Africa
Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban flights into South Africa are one of the most popular gateways to Africa’s vast diversity of experiences.
From here you’ll discover the untold bounty of Africa’s southernmost country, where culture, art, wildlife, and scenic magnificence await.
Further north, one of the world’s oldest deserts will lure you with high adrenaline activities as well as peaceful star-studded skies, the magnificent Victoria Falls beckons with its portfolio of bucket-list diversions, while the Okavango and Zambian plains offer intimate wildlife experiences.
Keep going through lush forests inhabited by the world’s only mountain gorillas, vast savannahs filled with creatures plodding slowly onward until you find yourself at the site of towering pyramids housing some of the world’s most ancient treasures.
Africa extends her embrace to Indian Ocean Islands filled with tropical delights and mysterious creatures.
A Little Bit of Everything When You Plan Your Travels to This Continent
You can walk, hike, bike, fly, ride, or ski your way across these vast landscapes, soak up the rays on sunny beaches one day, and stroll through dripping forests the next.
Wherever you go, new experiences and incredible discoveries await around every turn.
Most importantly you’ll uncover depths of emotion that you never knew existed and a renewed awareness of the natural order of things.
Every step along the way, Africa guides you to gentle reflections on the past, the present, and the future. You’ll discover amazing insights at every interaction with both nature and mankind, and the wide smiles and humble demeanour of African people will stick with you for a long, long, time.
Yes, there are parts of Africa that are undeniably, and heartbreakingly poor, but these people are perhaps the most astonishing of all. No matter how hard things are, they keep on keeping on.
The Role of African Women
Africa offers a rich diversity of modernity, tradition, unspoiled nature, and bustling, noise-filled, sometimes chaotic cities. Yet there’s one constant that remains no matter where you go.
Although one might consider the women of Africa as downtrodden, often abused, and overpowered, in many cases this stereotype falls far short of reality.
Africa rests gently in the hands of its women, who quietly and steadfastly guide her along the way. They are the caregivers, the nurturers, and often the sole providers at the heart of every family. Yet African women are also giants of industry, fearless campaigners, and strong, independent spirits capable of dominating in every arena.
You’ll come across them strutting the sidewalks of Wall Street, gracing the silver screen, sauntering along the catwalks of Paris, fighting poachers in the wilderness, or cutting ground on Houston’s oilfields.
Wherever they’re found, you can be rest assured that each one retains unbreakable ties with her roots, and a deeply ingrained sense of home.
It’s impossible to generalize when it comes to African women. Yet, each one carries her own brand of African-ness lodged deep in her psyche which binds them in an unbreakable bond of sisterhood.
The Essence of African-ness
This intangible African-ness is a complex set of beliefs, desires, and attributes that ensure African women stand out wherever they go.
One need only consider some of Africa’s most famous daughters like Wangari Maathai, Graça Machel, and Nadine Gordimer to gain a sense of the quiet determined power wielded by the matriarchs of African society.  
Despite their many triumphs, African women retain a sense of being grounded, and an intense awareness of their surroundings and situations. It’s a type of self-preservation derived from centuries of deprivation and even discrimination.
Resilience, passion, and patience are the hallmarks of the African woman. These characteristics allow them to vacillate seamlessly between family life and corporate responsibilities, innovation, and intimacy. ‘Can’t’ and ‘won’t’ aren’t phrases often used by this particular brand of female. When obstacles seem unsurmountable, they carry on regardless, quietly chipping away at their tasks, until they achieve their aims.
The expression, ‘the female of the species, is far more dangerous than the male’, may stem from nature, but that’s where African women have their roots too. Women in Africa are intensely loyal, to their families, their nations, and their causes.  
A brilliant white smile, intense empathy, and a soft touch conceal fiery determination, and often a steely will. She’s capable of seamlessly switching from a powerful ally into a fearsome adversary in the blink of an eye.
Even in the direst circumstances, African women have learnt to evolve, think on their feet, and keep going no matter what. They’re survivors, always clawing their way upward, eventually.
Bonang Matheba, who made Forbes’ most powerful African women list, sums it up in her definition of power – “you are strong enough to make your own decisions, to be free and to break the status quo that people have set up for women.”

Get the Most Out of Your Interactions with Mother Africa

If you’re ever lucky enough to explore at least some of the vast continent of Africa, take time to reflect on the natural order of things and make a point of engaging with the locals.
You might just learn something about yourself in the process.
The only way to truly understand the enigmatic charm of Africa is to experience it for yourself. With airlines offering affordable flights across the continent, and South Africa open to international travel, subject to health and safety protocols, there couldn’t be a better time to book your domestic flights in South Africa now and sign up for an unforgettable life’s lesson.
Mother Africa is waiting to embrace you with open arms.

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