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8 Reasons Why Game Developers Should Outsource their QA Testing Process

As game developers, we know that game testing is an integral and vital part of game development. We also understand why quality assurance is so critical to ensuring the best game possible.
There are a few reasons game developers should consider outsourcing their game QA testing process for quality assurance.
Game testers give feedback about how well gameplay mechanics work together or if there are any bugs present, and what types of gamers would enjoy playing this game.

After all, companies want their games to reach as wide an audience as possible so game developers will know whether their game would be a good fit for different types of gamers.

This blog post will help you better understand your options and what it means to outsource your game testing for quality assurance!
Reason #01 – Time Constraints
Depending on how quickly game developers want to release their game, they may not always allocate the time necessary for quality assurance.
For example, if game devs need to register a game with Apple before it becomes available in the app store or submit an update that will break compatibility with older hardware and players, etc., then they likely do not have enough time left over for testing!
They might consider hiring professionals who specialize in game testing to meet deadlines, and games remain bug-free before being released into the app stores or marketplace.
The advantage of outsourcing your game development is you’re more than just getting someone else’s opinion about whether your gameplay mechanics work well together. You’ll also be getting game testers to play your game thoroughly and find bugs that you might not have been able to see on your own.
Reason #02 – Geographical Location
Game developers may want to consider outsourcing their game testing if they’re working from different countries! This is because outsourced game testers can work from any location with an internet connection – which means it’s easy for them to connect remotely using software like Skype or Discord. That way, everyone who works together always has access, no matter where they’re located.
Reason #03 – Efficiency
Game developers are already laser-focused on making their game as efficient, easy, and bug-free as possible. This means that they likely can’t afford any more inefficiencies when it comes to the game development process.
That’s why outsourcing video game QA testing might be beneficial because these professionals communicate with each other efficiently through software like Skype or Discord, even though they may not share the same location.
Professional video game testers will help catch errors early on so that there isn’t unnecessary waste. This means game developers will be able to focus on developing their game without worrying about finding bugs!
Reason #04 – Cost-Effectiveness
Making a gam from scratch can be costly for game devs who don’t have a lot of capital in the first place since it takes time and resources (like software) before they’re ready to start getting paid from game sales.
That’s why outsourcing game testing might make sense because these professionals are more than willing to work with smaller budgets so that game devs won’t need as much money upfront.
Game testing companies offer payment plans that make them available for all types of businesses – even those just starting out or small indie game developers!
Reason #05 – Ensures Consistency
When game devs outsource game testing for quality assurance, they’ll be able to make sure that the game is being tested and reviewed by a team of professionals with different experience levels.
This means instead of relying on just one person’s opinion – you can have many opinions at once to get more feedback about your game, so it remains consistent from the first playthrough all the way through to its completion!
Reason #06 – Focus on Development
When game devs outsource game testing, they’ll have more time to focus on developing and finishing the game instead of spending hours upon hours looking for bugs in it.
Outsourcing video game testing means that these QA testing professionals take care of the game while you finish making your masterpiece without worrying about catching all those pesky bugs.
Professional video game testers can play through each level quickly and provide valuable feedback on how well gameplay mechanics work together, changes needed to improve difficulty levels, and game content that doesn’t make sense.
Reason #07 – Direct Communication
When game devs outsource game testing for quality assurance, they’ll be able to get direct feedback about their game from these professionals during the entire process. This means there’s no need to wonder or worry if a game tester will give an accurate review because that is precisely what game testers do!
Game developers can rely on these experts’ experience and knowledge to make sure gameplay mechanics work together seamlessly, so all aspects of the game are considered when reviewing it.
For example, game devs put in an achievement for players to reach a certain level, but they forget to tell the player what that is. That could be a game-breaking bug if it gets past testing and into release time!
Reason #08 – Time and Money Savings
When game developers outsource game testing for quality assurance, there are many ways this can save them both time and money – which will come in handy when you’re just starting your company or small indie game development studio because you’ll need all of those resources saved up as much as possible, so you don’t run out before developing your first major title!
The advantage of hiring professional video game testers is that these experts make sure everything runs smoothly without any game-breaking game bugs that pop up later on.
These professionals will also save game developers time and money by providing valuable feedback about what’s wrong, how to fix it, and where improvements can be made.
Hence, game devs know precisely where they need to spend their resources to make the game better for players.
In conclusion, game developers should outsource game testing for quality assurance because it’s the most efficient way to ensure a high-quality game and free from bugs.
Quality game testing saves game developers time and money in the development process, gives them a team of professionals to be able to rely on for their expertise, and provides game makers with direct feedback about what needs improvement – which is something that will come in handy when developing your first game.

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