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8 Reasons a Podcast Is a Great Way to Grow Your Business

If you have a small business, you’re probably doing everything you can to market your product or service and stand out from competitors. There are a lot of different marketing strategies out there, but podcasting is perhaps one of the best ways to boost your business with very little funding involved. Here are 8 reasons you should start a podcast to grow your business.

1. Expand your audience

Podcasting is a great way to reach millions of people, even if your business is localized in one area. It’s hard to know sometimes exactly how people find out about a podcast, but people can access it from many different sources. Many people have said they’ve discovered new businesses thanks to a podcast they listen to.
Studies have shown that website traffic can double right away after a business starts a podcast campaign. Even if your podcast isn’t that popular, you will still continue to receive a lot of traffic.

2. Build close relationships

Podcasting is a good way to build closer relationships with your audience and potential clients. According to Max Weber, a marketer at Assignment Help and Academized, “even though podcasting is a one-sided medium, the listener will still create impressions of the people hosting the podcast. This builds a relationship between the customers and the business.”

3. Increase trust in your business

When people listen to your podcasts regularly, they start to build a mental image of you, which builds trust in your business. Because you’re having these conversations with them, a connection is created, and it becomes easier for you to reach out to them and ask for them to subscribe. Studies show that people who listen to podcasts convert much quicker than other customers. It’s easier to turn regular customers into loyal, return customers because the trust is already there.

4. Work with influencers

When you’re podcasting, you can make contact with influencers in your particular industry. That’s because you’ll be bringing them in to your studio for interviews. These influencers are people who will affect the opinion that others have about your business. Podcasting is therefore a great way to build connections with these influencers.

5. Become an authority in the industry

Small business owners need to project themselves as experts in the field so they can expand their audience. That’s where a podcast can help because you can talk about your product or service like you are an expert on the topic and make people believe in you. You can also bring in other experts in the field and this will build credibility of your company. Podcasting is a perfect way to establish yourself as an authority on what you’re selling so people are more willing to buy.

6. Podcasts are easy to make

Podcasting can help you grow your business quickly and at a low cost. It doesn’t require large amounts of money or any detailed technological knowledge. You can start your podcast from your office or even from home. All you need is a computer with a recording program, a microphone, and a software to edit the audio. This is all a small, one-time fee. Then, all you need to do is come up with a strategy for content so you always have authoritative topics.

7. Build awareness of your brand

Podcasting is a great way to build familiarity and awareness of your brand so you’re known among your target customers. You can create a consistent image of your brand and then eventually start to feed in information about your products. Ian Woods, a tech journalist at Essay Help and BigAssignments says “be sure that you use social media to broadcast your podcast so you can boost brand awareness. Create pages on Facebook and Twitter for your podcast and post regularly.”

8. It’s better than video

Marketers often use video marketing to reach people, but this isn’t always possible to small businesses due to the costs involved. There’s also issues with shooting certain videos, and if people don’t like them because they’re too wooden or contrived, it can hurt a business. Podcasting is much simpler and requires less investments to begin with.
Aimee Laurence works for College Paper and as an editor. She also writes about marketing, social media strategies, and podcasting. She enjoys finding ways to connect her passions and help small business owners boost their audience. Aimee also works for Essay Services as a freelance editor.

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