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How To Travel For Business And Enjoy Your Stay – San Francisco

Traveling for business might just be one of the coolest opportunities we can get. When you are finishing up your degree or applying for jobs, and you see ‘involved travel,’ it can be music to your ears when you have itchy feet and traveling heart. It is exciting to go to places that you haven’t been to before – while doing a job that you love. There a few things that you should take care of straight away, though, like the booking of a furnished apartment, checking out some local food spots online, and maybe booking an experience or two.
Of course, you’re pushed for time, but you can still do so much with it!

City Check

Not all cities are created equal, and San Francisco might be one of the best ones to head to. It is a cultural hub, often considered the financial and commercial heart of Northern Cali. It has a considerable population, 13th in the USA, but actually the 2nd when you talk about density (think just a touch less busy than NYC). So as you can imagine – there will always be something to do.
Making your trip as enjoyable as possible is going to be essential, work hard – play hard, so the saying goes! So let’s have a look at a few tips to make your business travel more enjoyable.


There is probably nothing worse than having to carry heavy bags between the airport and your apartment. But you’re not going to do that. Instead, you are going to pack smart and light! You can manage to take a carry on that will last a week or more, with some planning. Most modern business can be handled in business casual rather than a suit. But if you are going to be suited and booted – then it is probably quicker and easier to hire a suit from somewhere in the area.
Have a hard copy of the essential documents, and have it on a thumb drive – so you don’t need to worry about not being prepared.
The basics are going to be socks, deodorant (travel-sized is ideal), hair products, a toothbrush, and underwear. A reusable water bottle is essential because there is nothing like travel to get you feeling dehydrated.
Add in two t-shirts, and a spare pair of jeans or trousers and you’re good to go.
Of course, the benefit of an apartment is the longer you stay, the less you will need to take initially – you can stock up on arrival – and treat it like home.

Things To Do

You know that you have a client meeting to work around, but in the meantime, here are some great things that you can do in San Francisco.


Situated at the waterfront of San Francisco, Aquarium of the Bay has a range of cool marine line for you to take a peek at. What makes it worth it? It has 300 feet of crystal clear tunnels and a massive 700,000 gallons of water. Holding somewhere in the region of 20,000 animals from the bay and beyond. Why should you fit this in on a business trip? Watching water, waves, waterfalls, or being surrounded by blue improves alertness and mental energy – both of which will help you bring your A-game. 

Tea Garden

If you love the idea of taking in the culture and history, then the Japanese Tea Garden is ideal. They serve traditional Japanese refreshments and have a beautiful Zen garden and a range of other traditional Japanese garden design features. Why a Tea Garden on a business trip? Well, lowering and stressed levels is always a good thing, but more importantly, when you need to be at your best over the space of a few days of meetings and work. The Zen Garden will impart some zen in you. 

A Little Crabby?

If you happen to be around when the Dungeness crab is in season, then you’re in for a treat! Half of the Dungeness crab comes directly from San Francisco – so there is no finer way to taste the place. The Crab House on Pier 39 boasts the best crab in the city, and the fishing season is between November and June. Why are crabs a great idea on your trip? Apart from the garlic butter secret sauce, the crab has a host of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for kicking your cognitive activity up a notch. (That, and it just tastes really good). 
And finally, a tip that has nothing to do with heading out and about. But rather making the most of your apartment. When you book a luxury apartment, you should make the most of the space. It is ideal for having coffee with friends, working in between meetings, and of course – rest. 

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