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Why Do Some Slot Machines Pay More than Others?

Slot games are one of the most popular casino games around the world that have the simplest game mechanics and don’t involve the fuss of competing against other players. However, it is still highly misunderstood by many players, creating countless myths about the secrets of winning. One of the myths players believe is that some slot machines are better than others. This belief is partly true, but for various logical reasons.
Let’s dive in on why other slot machines pay more than others, so you can manage your bankroll better on your next casino visit.

Slot Variations

Not all slots are the same as they come in many variations, especially in payouts and jackpots. Some slot games may have higher payout frequency, whereas some have fewer jackpot rounds or low-paying spins. Thus, it’s advisable to always check the payout table of a slot machine before choosing to play with it.
If you believe you’ll have a higher chance of winning based on the paytable, then stick with that slot machine. Otherwise, simply choose other slot machines that pay better based on the payout table and casino bonuses. Moreover, there are three types of slot variance: low, medium, and high variance slot games.
If you’re playing with a low variance slot game, expect to have more frequent wins but in low amounts. If you choose to play with a high variance slot game, you might get lucky and win massive jackpots.

Loose Slot Machines

Many players think that loose slot machines have faster and better winnings than others. However, that’s simply not true since slot machines already have a predetermined payout percentage. So, they can’t be tight or loose no matter what strategy you play.
When you think of loose slot machines, it only talks about whether they have a larger payout percentage to attract more players. These loose slot machines are usually the ones with a 98% payout percentage. The higher the percentage, the higher the payout. And, therefore, you would want to invest more of your money in these machines.
Whether you are playing with new or older machines, the payout percentage is already predetermined. Plus, it’s also worth mentioning that some loose machines are also referred to as machines with higher hit frequency, which refers to how frequent a winning spin is. However, keep in mind that reels are always spun at random, and no player or casino can control this.

Big and Small Bets Make a Difference

Most slot game guides recommend placing the maximum bet to get most of your winnings, especially in jackpots. When you play safe by making small bets, you lower your risk of losing money, but the chances of winning the jackpot or casino bonuses are low. If you play with maximum bets, then you can get the highest jackpot every time you will spin the reels.
The betting limits of a slot machine has variations. Some can require small bets limits, whereas some require a maximum bet. Thus, always check the machine whether they require $5, $25, or more to qualify for the jackpot round.

How to Win at Slot Machines

Whether you are paying for the experience, for fun, or to win money, find the best slot machine to make the most of your bets. First, look at the posted payout table and compare the machines to find the one with the highest payout percentage or return to player (RTP). If you are looking for a loose slot machine, you might find them tucked away in the tight zone, surrounded by many tight slot machines.
For more variation on RTP, visit your favorite online casinos and find the most popular slot games with generous payouts. Choose from a minimum of 3 reel slots or a maximum of 7 reels. The more reels there are, the more chance of hitting the jackpot or getting symbols like the scatter or wild symbol you have.
Though slot machines are not fixed and played at random, you can still improve your chances of winning by choosing the right slot machine. Plus, don’t shy away from slots with bonus rounds. In fact, playing slot machines with bonuses improves your chances of winning more.

Final Thoughts

No one can tell what your next play will bring, as everything is based on luck. There is no machine that is “hotter” than the other. Plus, there is no secret to winning at slot games, but there is a strategy to help you improve your chances of winning. However, keep in mind playing slots won’t pay the bills.
If you’re going to gamble with slots, just play for fun that fits your budget. So before going to your favorite casino, erase all the myths you know about slot machines. Remember only the facts that reels are rolled at random, and no one has the edge.
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