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Top 5 Real Time Strategy games

RTS is a genre of video games loved by millions and equally hated. Real time strategy games do not progress in turns, instead all the players can play simultaneously in “real-time”. This genre is the exact opposite of turn based strategy games. There have been many legendary RTS games like the DOTA 2 or the Stronghold franchise and are often the first chapter of most of the gamers like me. Here are some picks that we deem to be the most popular RTS games of all time.

  • Stronghold Franchise

The franchise is almost 2 decades old now, starting off with their first game Stronghold in 2001 and since then it has been the flag bearer of Real-time Strategy games. The historic setting is what makes the game so beautiful along with all the features and smooth gameplay. The game focuses on military conquest which gets harder and harder as you progress through the game and proves to be quite the challenge.
Along with all the military aspects, the game quite strongly focuses on the economic and infrastructure advancements as well. In short, you never run out of things to worry about. Players are still heavily into this game and the most notable game, Stronghold Crusader HD still going strong, if you want to try out this legendary game yourself, grab a Stronghold Crusader HD cd key and start your match.

  • Age of Empires Series

Another big name in the genre developed by the ensemble studios even older than the stronghold series. The first game was released in 1997 and there have been 8 games under the title so far. Covering the events between the Stone Age and the classical period.
The mix of reality and fiction in the series is just about right where it makes the game so loveable. The game has that visual charm as well as a nice progression of events and missions which made it a definite hit in the market.

  • Northgard

Amid all the big names, this is a newer one being released mid-2018 that has definitely left its mark in the genre. Unlike other RTS titles, Northgard isn’t necessarily about recruiting troops and building but its main focus is on assigning the population to different jobs which are enabled via different buildings and the icing on top the cake is its breathtaking visuals.
The game falls somewhere between Age of Empires and The Settlers series, and that new area has proved to be too fascinating to let go of. You can find the cheapest prices when buying a Northgard cd key.

  • Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is one heck of a blockbuster and every RTS lover most definitely knows the name. This one really tests every single bit of mettle in a man, the development choices are an impossible pill to swallow for the indecisive ones. You are going to get torn online before you even figure out the mechanics of the game.

  • The Lord of the Rings: battle for the Middle-Earth

Yes! Our very own favorite movie series themed RTS game? Why not? Probably the best game when it comes to the LOTR universe and that is not because the game follows the plot of the book but the way it has retained the very soul of the series and that feel has been translated into a game so well by the developers.
These are just a few of the many highly popular RTS games that keep you hooked to the screens for hours and if you want to grab a quick deal on your favorite titles check out Gamecamp. You can find all of your favorite games from different genres under one roof.